• Hamburg Germany

    Hamburg Germany
    They went to Hamburg germany to see if they could get rich and famous. They got a little better at playing music, however they didnt get much money. This song is a significant song to the time period because it is one of the first beatles songs ever made.
  • Brian Epstein

    Brian Epstein wanted to know who they were because everyone wanted their record. So he met them, and saw them perform. He asked to be their manager and so he did.
  • Record Label

    After searching very hard and trying their best to get signed on a record label they finally got one. It was with Radio Clatter Bridge. I chose this song because it helped get their record deal.

    They finally made a big break in America on the Edsullivan show and later continued to perform on it. They were loved, and critisized. I chose this because they were happy for being recognized and how much they loved their fans.
  • Beatles Hit America For the First Time

    Veejay Records in Chicago played the first song America has ever heard from the Beatles. It was the first song America heard from the beatles.
  • British order members

    They were so populars that they were made mebers of the british order. This was one of their most popular songs in 1965 from their Rubber Soul album.
  • John lennon made a booboo

    John Lennon made a big mistake and announced that the Beatles were bigger then Jesus. The Americans weren't to fond of that so they began causing an uproar. John Lennon apologized shortly after. This song matched the feel of that event in a way because John felt like he was out of when he said that.
  • Last concert

    Their last concert was in San Francisco at the Candle Stick Park. It was one of the songs played at their last concert. So i chose because it felt like a great good bye song.
  • Brian Epstein

    Sadly Brian Epstein died of a drug overdose. The band's management went down. I chose this song because Brian's death seemed like a very big impact on them. It matched the feel of the event.
  • Band broke up

    The band unfortunetly broke up shortly after their record Abbey road was released. This just felt like a good song to be put because this would be the message they would want their fans to get back from them breaking up.
  • John Lennon's Assasination

    The Beatles could have gotten back together but unfortunately the worst that could happen, happened. John Lennon got assasinated by a man named mark Chapman. I chose this song because this a song John personally wrote.