Beagle Voyage

  • Darwin starts voyage

    Charles Darwin, 22, starts on the HMS Beagle Voyage as the captain's assistant.
  • Cape Verde Islands

    Darwin makes his first observation. Unknown day
  • Crossed the equator

    Darwin crossed the equator.
  • Salvador, Brazil

    Darwin explores Brazilian Rainforests.
  • Punta Alta, Argentina

    Darwin sees huge fossil bones.
  • Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

    3 people from a previous voyage joins them. FitzRoy tries to start a Christian mission which fails.
  • FalkLand Islands

    Darwin cracks open rocks and finds fossils inside.
  • Rio Negro, Argentina

    Darwin explores the fertile lowland areas.
  • Chiloe Island, Chile

    Darwin sees mount Osomo erupt and experiences an earthquake. He believed that the earthquake made the Island smaller.
  • Galapagos Islands

    Darwin finds many animals such as the tortois that are very unique but also similar to species at the mainland.
  • Sydney, Australia

    Darwin wonders why there are many different mamals in Sydney, Australia.
  • Cocos Island

    Darwin studies the coral reefs to test his theory of atoll formation.
  • Mauritius

    Black lava is smoothed over on the plain.
  • Cape Town, South Africa

    Many bullock wagons in Cape Town.
  • Bahia and Pernambuco, South America

    Darwin descovers many incredible creatures.
  • Journey ends

    In Falmouth, England the voyage ends.