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BC Net Corporate Milestones

  • BC Net is Established

    BC Net is Established
  • License Grant

    BC Net is granted NTC License as "Value Added Service Provider". This enables BC Net to become a channel partner of telecom providers.
  • Company Focus Determined

    Focus is set on VoIP for business applications, primarily catering to call centers and providing direct internet access for companies.
  • Agreement signed with GlobeQuest.

  • FatPipe Wireless introduced

    FatPipe Wireless introduced
    FatPipe Wireless internet is a solution to give restaurants, hotels, shopping centers and companies to provide WiFi accessibility to clients and staff.
  • Begins Offering VoIP Retail Products

    Until 2006 the focus was solely on corporate solutions, 2006 marked the new direction of expanding BC Net toward providing VoIP accessibility to individuals.
  • VoIP Phone Introduced

  • Second License recieved.

    BC Net is granted another license as "VoIP Service Provider". This allows the service of companies through the public IP.
  • BiPbox is launched

    BiPbox is launched
    BiP Store websiteBiPbox is the first product to use the BiP (Best Internet Phone) tag and is an ATA VoIP gateway which provides easy access to VoIP service.
  • BiP 3380 Launched

    The BiP 3380 is a hybrid WiFi and GSM phone which links people directly into the VoIP service.
  • Thuraya satellite phone launched

    Thuraya satellite phone launched
    Thuraya grants worldwide accessibility using the satellite network to link into the VoIP service.
  • USBiP Launched

    USBiP Launched
    USBiP website
    USBiP is a portable USB device which allows multi-point conference calling and video conferencing over the VoIP service of BC Net.
  • MOBiP development begins

    MOBiP development begins
  • MOBiP is launched

    MOBiP is launched
    MOBiP website MOBiP is an application which allows WiFi and 3G or 4G enabled phones to access the VoIP service. Currently MOBiP works on iOS devices, Android phones, Nokia Symbian and Windows Mobile.
  • Vidyocon is Launched

    Vidyocon is Launched
    Vidyocon Website Vidyocon is an easy to access and use video conferencing solution which works via a web-based client.
  • WEBiP development begins

    WEBiP development begins
  • WEBiP is launched

    WEBiP is launched
    WEBiP website WEBiP innovates VoIP and click-to-talk customer service through a click-to-call button which initiates a live video call with a customer service representative. This service is the first of its kind to be offered with a simple flat monthly service fee.
  • BC Net Attends CommunicAsia 2011