Battles of The American Revoultion

  • Power Alarm

    was a masstive popular reaction to the removal of gunpowder from a magazine by British soldiers under orders from General Thomas Gadge.
  • The Battles of Lexington and Concord

    They were the first military arrangments of the Revoutionary War
  • The Battle of Block Island

    was a nighttime encounter between the continental navy and the HMS Glasgow (a royal navy dispatch boat)
  • Battle of Ridgefeild

    also known as the Danbury Raid...... it was a seris of battles and skirmishes between american and british forces... during the revoutionary war.
  • North Channal Naval Duel

    was a single ship action between the channal and the United States, and the British Royal Navy.
  • The Battle of Brier Creek

    was an American Revoutionary Battle fought near the confluince of Brier Creek with the Savannah River in eastern Georgia.
  • The Battle of Monck's Corner

    Outside the city Charleston, South Carolina... witch was under siege by British forces
  • The Battle of Blandford

    the Battle of Blandforld also known as The Battle of Petersberg... it took place near Pertersberg Virgina... late in the The American War of Indpendence.
  • The Battle of Delaware Bay

    The Battle of Delaware Bay, also known as the Battle of Cape May.... was a naval engagment between The Kingdom of Great Britian and The United States during the revoutionary war.
  • The Capture of The Bahamas

    When a loyalist exspadition under the command of Andrew Deveaux set out to retake the bahamas from the Spanish. The exspadition was succsessful.. but Spain had already reconized that the British had control over the bahamas.