Yorktown 2

battles of the american revolution

By kylep
  • invention of flush toilet

  • battle of lexington and concord

    battle of lexington and concord
    This is the first battle of the american revolution. The battle would not have happened if the british general listened to orders and went to concord. This hurt the british soldiers physically, because they lost alot of men. During this battle George Washington was named commander in chief.
  • battle of bunker hill

    battle of bunker hill
    The british plan was to control the charleston peninsula where bunker hill was located. The british won the battle, but got hurt the most. Americans learned they would need allies.
  • invention of a submarine

  • battle of saratoga

    battle of saratoga
    This battle was the turning point of the war. The Americans won the battle and became allies with france.
  • invention of circular saw

  • battle of charleston

    battle of charleston
    This was a severe blow to the colonies who lost equipment. The british almost gained complete control over the southern colonies. The colonists used hit and run tactics against the british.
  • battle of cowpens

    battle of cowpens
    This was an important battle of the war. The colonists tricked the british who retreated towards Virginia.
  • battle of yorktown

    battle of yorktown
    This was the last battle of the American revolution. The French blockaded the harbor and prevented the british from coming in by sea. The british were surrounded and they surrendered.