Canada at war

Battles of Canada in WWII

  • War Begins

    War Begins
    Britan and France Engage Germany to mark the start of World War 2 Note: All links are within the Begining segment and Ending Segment of the war. Links,
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    Canada At War
  • Period: to

    World War 2

    The Battles fought by the Canadian armies as they fought against the German/Italian Western Front.
  • Canada Enters the War

    Canada Enters the War
    Canada Enters the war to fight Nazi Germany along side the British
  • The Battle of Hong Kong

    The Battle of Hong Kong
    Canada's Casualties: 557 soilders
    Along side: Britain and India Against: Japan
    The Winnipeg Grenadiers
    Royal Rifles of Canada The Allied Forces Completed their objective over the battle that went on for 18 days here Canadians fought the foul japenese on the soils of Hong Kong and Defended the island miraculously.
  • The Dieppe Raid

    The Dieppe Raid
    Canadian Casualties: 907
    Along side: Britain and the USA Agasinst: Nazi Germany
    Calgary Regiment
    Essex Scotish Regiment
    Les Fudiliers Mont-Royal
    The Queen's own Cameron Highlanders of Canada
    The Royal Hamilton Light Infantry
    The Royal Regiment of Canada
    The South Saskatchewan Regiment Here the allies sucessfully test the german lines, yet failed to overtake them, this point was key to the war in europe, But also this battle was very badly planned because of the heavy casualties.
  • Casa Berardi

    Casa Berardi
    Canadian Casualties: Unknown
    Along side: Britain & The USA Against: Facist Italy
    The Allied Forces had succeded to cross the Moro river and take Casa Berardi The Ontario Regiment
    Le Royal 22e Regiment The Allied Forces start the Italian Campaign and allied forces must aquire Casa Berardi to be able to seige and attack upon Ortona. The Canadian Paul Triquet Earned a Victoria Cross duing this part of the Campaign
  • Melfa Crossing

    Melfa Crossing
    Canadian Causalties: Unknown
    Along side: Britain & The USA Against: Nazi Germany & Italy
    The Allied forces Succeded to cross the Melfa river to open up the rode to Italy's captial Rome.
    Lord Strathcona's Horse
    The Govenor General's Horse Guards
    4th Princess Louise Dragoons Guards
    8th Canadian Hussars
    The British Columbia Dragoons
    The Perth Regiment
    The Pricess Louise Fusiliers
    The Cape Breton Highlanders
    The Westminster Regiment
    The Irish Regiment of Canada
    Carlton & York Regiment
  • Melfa Crossing ctd...

    Melfa Crossing ctd...
    The Canadians Crossed the Melfa river to gain access to highway #6 in italy. The Canadians took the highway which will be a launch way towards the Italian Capital City of Rome, which when taken will disable italy from aiding Germany.
  • Normandy Landings

    Normandy Landings
    Canadian Casualties: Unknown
    Along side: Britain, USA, Norway, Poland, Australia, New Zeland, Frence Resistance.
    Against: Nazi Germany. Regiments,
    1st Canadian Parachutte Battalion
    The Queen's own Rifle's of Canada
    The Highland Light Infantry of Canada
    1st Hussars
    The Fort Garry Horse
    The Sherbrooke Fusiliers Regiment
    The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa
    The Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry Highlanders
    The North Shore Regiment
    The Royal Winnipeg Rifles
    The Regina Rifles
    The Canadian Scottish Regiment
  • Normandy Landings ctd...

    Normandy Landings ctd...
    The North Nova Scotia Highlanders This battle was one of the first in western europe for canadians, after years of german planes going after Britain we finally strike back by launching the biggest offensive in WWII. the Americans, Canadians, British and other europeans and australians had forced their way on to the shores of France.
    Canadians had struck juno beach and had covered their beachhead and more, apposed by the german guns
  • St. Lambert sur Dives

    St. Lambert sur Dives
    Canadian Casualties: Unknown
    Along side no one Againts: Germany Regiments,
    The South Alberta Regiment
    The Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders of Canada This place of france was a key position to close the Falaise gap, which was a gap of allied campagining land. Where the Germans we're retreating from becasue of the pressure from allied armies. St.Lambert sur Dives was the exit point for the German army, but was closed by Canadians from the sout and polish from the north.
  • Savio Bridgehead

    Savio Bridgehead
    Canadian Casualties: Unkown
    Along side: Britain & The USA Against: Italy & Nazi Germany
    Allies claimed victory
    Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry
    The Seaforth Higlanders of Canada
    The Loyal Edminton Regiment
    The Saskatoon Light Infantry
    The West Nova Scotia Regiment The Canadian Forces had suceeded in crossing The Savio river and establishing a attack platform on the enemy side of the river Srgt. Ernst Alvia Smith had saved the posistion by disabling the oncoming german tank
  • The Hochwald

    The Hochwald
    Canadian Casualties: Unknown
    Along side:Britain, USA & Poland Against: Nazi Germany Regiments
    1st Hussars
    The Fort Garry Horse
    Govenor General's Personal Foot Guards
    South Alberta Regiment
    Shaberooke Fusiliers Regiment
    British Columbia Regiment
    1st armoured Carrier Regimnet
    The Queen's own Rifles of Canada
    The Black Watch of Canada
    The Essex Scottish Regiment
    The highland Infantry of Canada
    The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa
    The Storment Dunday & Glengarry Highlanders
    North Nova Scotia Highland
  • Mooshof

    Candian Casualties: Unknown
    Along side: USA, Britain, Poland & Neutral countries
    Against: Nazi Germany
    The Allied forces Succended with their offensive during that night Regiments,
    The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada An Couragous sergent of the war, he had single handedly diverted a German tank's machine gun turrent and was able to kill several defenders. unfortunately he was picked off by a german sniper off the front line.
  • The Hochwald Ctd...

    The Hochwald Ctd...
    Royal Regiment of Canada
    The South Saskatchewan Regiment
    Le Regiment de Maisonneuve The Canadians, Americans, Polish & British Armies must make it across the Hochwald gap without being killed by germans. The Germans were determined to keep control of their posistion to keep the Allied forces out of the German heartland. this is know as one of the biggest tank battles in history.
  • The Rhine

    The Rhine
    Canadian Casualties: Unknown
    Along side: USA, Britain & Other European countries
    Against: Nazi Germany
    The Allies succefuly crossed the Rhine river to start the invasion of the German heartland, the Russians are closing in on Berlin. Regiments
    1st Canadian Parachutte Battalion
    17th Duke of York's Royal Canadian Hussars
    Sherbrooke Fusiliers Regiment
    The Queen's own Rifles of Canada
    The Black Watch of Canada
    Highland Infantry of Canada
    Highland Light Infantry of Canada
    The Cameron Highlanders
  • The Rhine ctd... 1

    The Rhine ctd... 1
    Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry Highlanders
    North Shore Regiment
    Royal Winnipeg Rifles
    The Regina Rifles
    The Queen's own Cameron Higlanders of Canada
    The Calgary Highlanders
    North Nova Scotia Highlanders
    Fusiliers Mont-royal
    Candian Scotish Regiment
    South Saskatchewan Regiment
    Régiment de la Chaudriè One of the final battles in WWII, the Allied forces crossed the Rhine river into the German Heartland. and the Russians close in on Berilin. by the end of this battle the german il Duché
  • The War Ends

    The War Ends
    The german il Duché Hitler has commited sucide putting an end to his reign over the Nazi party and changed Germany back from Nazi Germany. The war Ends Shortly after hitler's Suicide on April 1st. Thanks to the Russians invasion of Berlin.