Bass- space exploration timeline

  • sputnik I

    USSR launches spuntnik, the first man -made object to orbit the earth.
  • First human in orbit

    Soviets sent the first man into space Yur Gargarin
  • John glenn

    John glenn was the first american to orbit earth in space- friendship 7
  • The firsrt man to walk on the moon

    Americans Neils Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin, the first men to walk on the moon.
  • US Apollo

    US Apollo 15 and lunar rover, first missions to use moon rovers to drive across the moon.
  • neils armstrong walks on the moon

    US launches Voyager 1 and 2 to explore Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and neptune
  • Space shuttle Columbia

    US launch the space shuttle columbia.
  • Sally Ride

    The first american woman to take part in orbital missions.
  • First Educator involved in orbital

    Barbra Morgan First Educator involved in orbital mission. Tragic Challenger explosion.
  • Mir

    The first modern-era space station , is launched by the Soviet Union. Mir a Russian word used for Peace or world .
  • Hubble space telescope

    The Hubble Space telescope is launched by US to record information about our solar systemand the universe.
  • Mars rover

    Mars rover lands and explores the surface OF Mars.
  • Voyager I

    Voyager 1 reaches the edge of the solar system.