Baroque: Operas, arias, Monody, cantatas, oratorio, reniassance, sonata, concerto, suite, overture, fugue, Passacaglia, Chaconne, cantata, concertos

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  • Period:

    Claudio Monteverdi

    Dissonance, Seconda prattica
  • Period: to

    Francesca Caccini

    Soprano, 1st woman composer, wealthy
  • Period: to

    Barbara Strozzi

    Studied under Cavalli, 8 sets of songs
  • Period: to

    Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber

    one of most important violin composers, Catholic Sacred music, mid-baroque
  • Period: to

    Arcangelo Corelli

    Italian, Suite composer
  • Period: to

    Henry Purcell

    court of Charles II, singer and organist
  • Period: to

    Alessandro Scarlatti

    Father of Domenico, teacher in Naples
  • Period: to

    Elisabeth-Claude Jacquet de la Guerre

    wonder of our century, 17th century, French
  • Period: to

    Francois Couperin

    French, suite composer
  • Period: to

    Antonio Vivaldi

    800 concertos, greatest master of the Baroque concerto
  • Period: to

    Georg Philip Telemann

    German Composer, 125 orchestral suites
  • Period: to

    Jean-Joseph Mouret

    composed for son of King Louis XIV, entertainment music
  • Period: to

    Domenico Scarlatti

    keyboard, progressive, 500 sonatas
  • Period: to

    G. F. Handel

    German, lived in England, wrote Italian music
  • Period: to

    J. S. Bach

    most skilled musician in the baroque, wrote in all genres but opera