Bad Babysitter

  • 3:00 Sunday afternoon

    The Smith family hires a new babysitter for the summer to watch their kids for the week while they're out of town on vacation. Katie is 18 yearas old and has had babysitting jobs before,
  • 8:00 Monday Morning

    Katie starts her first day of work watching the Smith's 2 yaer old daughter and 6 year old son. The Smith parents leave for their vacation.
  • 4:00 Tuesday Night

    Katie invites friends over while the kids are sleeping and sneaks out with them to go to a party at a friends house whos parents are also out of town.
  • Wednesday During the day

    Katie argues with her friends about throwing a party at the Smith's house because they know Katie has the house to herself for the entire week.
  • Thursday Night

    That night Katie's friends become angry with her because they have no place to party because her friends parents came home and they continue to convince her to have one ar the Smith's house.being their is no parent suporvision.
  • Friday During The Day

    Katie's friends convence her to throw a party for her friends at the smith house and tells everyone to come.
  • Friday Night

    Friday Night
    Numbers of kids show up at the Smith's house for the party Katie decides to throw and unaware of the number of kids numerus of them bring alcohol and the Smith's 6 year old son is givin drinks by intoxicated teens that wanted to just give the kid a try unaware that they've givin him to much and is needed to be taken to the hospital for alcohol posinging.
  • Saturday Moring

    Saturday Moring
    The 6 year old is released to his parents that rushed home from their vacation from an unexpected phone call from the hospital. katie is arrested and is book for a court date tried for child indagerment and is held till her court date Monday morning.
  • Sunday Morning

    Kaite is told of her court date and will stay in jail till Monday mornings hearing with the judge while some of her friends that were arrested for public intoxication will be question on the night of the party at the Smith's home.
  • Monday Morning

    Monday Morning
    Katie is charged with child indagerment and is required to do 30 days in prison for the unsupprvison of a infint and will be required to pay or all medical exspences for the 6 year old boy.