• Earth's Destruction

    Bebop OfficialMankind has yet to reach the stars: the technology still does not exist, and nor does the will. Swift travel is made possible by a network of phase differential gates. In 2022, during the development of the gates, a terrible accident caused a catastrophe in Earth orbit, damaging both the homeworld and the Moon. The surfaces were heavily irradiated, and humans had to evacuate. Using the very gates that had caused the disaster, mankind left for the planets and moons of the solar system.
  • The Great Migragation

    Global Exodus AllianceNearly 25 years have passed since the great destruction of Earth, and long-range vessels have been created that should be able to withstand long journeys into space. Many of these are outfitted to be sent out, and those who do not wish to live with the turmoil that has been created with attempts to colonize the current solar system are wished good luck as they set out on their own journeys to hopefully discover new worlds. It was understood that continuted communication was impossible.
  • Discovery of Pandora

    PandoraWhile the specific dates have been widely contested, as communication from such distances was still a relatively new concept, Pandora - a moon that orbits the gas giant Polyphemus which orbits the closest star to the sun, Alpha Centauri A - was discovered in this year. Over time, it would be minded for it's unobtanium.
  • Evacuation of Pandora

    The hostility that has abounded on the Pandora moon for the last 20 years comes to a abrupt close as the humans are massively driven off the moon by the Na'vi. Most go home to lick their wounds and deal with their crumbling solar system - some are allowed to stay - others still go on to see what else they can find in the black.
  • Period: to

    Terraforming The 'Verse

    Having discovered a new system, the Global Exudos Alliance begins testing their terraforming equipment on several planets to see if this will be a new home for them.
  • Miranda Incident

    Terraforming fails on Miranda. Some settlers die. Miranda removed from maps of habitable worlds.
  • Period: to

    Unification War

  • Battle of Du-Khang

  • Period: to

    Battle of Serenity Valley

    The Battle of Serenity Valley is said to be a big turning point in the Unification War, as the Independence forces were quite exhausted by this point, and Hera was their final refuge. It began in May 2511 and lasted seven weeks.