Baby Lily

  • Lily is here!

    I was in labor for about ten hours! I wound up giving birth naturally, which was part of my birth plan so that was exciting. I was proud that my birthing center made use of natural childbirth breathing and relaxation techniques. My partner was not only present but very supportive contrary to many developing cultures where the father (pg 91). When I got to hold Lily in the delivery room, we were amazed that my partner and I had brought this perfect little girl into existence.
  • Reflexes galore!

    Lily is full of surprises! During her baths last month she exhibited the swimming relex in which she would begin making coordinated swimming movements when placed in the tub (p 107). SInce day one she has also exhibited the rooting reflex. The rooting reflex with where an infant turns their head and opens their mouth. This is a survival technique that allows a neonate to breast feed (p 106).
  • Mommy's little helper

    Lily has begun to exhibit deferred imitation. Deferred imitation is the ability to observe something and repeat the action at a later time (pp 188 - 189). I normally sort laundry in the bedroom and then put it in the hamper to take to the laundry room. As sorted my piles Lily was already ahead of me, putting my sorted pile into the hamper. Already she is a big help with house hold chores at 2 years old!
  • Off she goes

    According to Margaret Mead (pp 267 - 268), Lily has entered into the yard child stage of childhood developement. She is able to now explore her social world without me being right there all the time. While it is, at times, worriesome, I know this is an important stage in life where she is beginning to build bonds with those outside of the home and immediate family.
  • Learning about herself

    Lily had a homework assignment today in which she had to describe herself. At this point in time she is still exhibiting an external view of the self-concept. External views of sefl-concept are those traits that are external, concrete physical characteristics as opposed to internal qualities (pp 311 - 312).
  • I wish we could say we didn't see this coming

    My husband and I have separated and he moved out. Lily has handled the change surprisingly well. She has had a few instances of externalizing problems but for the most part seems to be doing well. Kelly and Emery have shown that even in a divorced house if conflict in the home goes from high to low, often times children's functioning improves. I can only hope with him gone she will be better off without the constant fighting (p 317).
  • "That's not fair!"

    Lily and I are often having conversations about people she knows and things they say and do. She is developing a sense of morality. Referencing Kohlber's study of morality, she has reached level 2. She is showing care and loyalty to others and also is referencing ideas like social order, law and fairness. I'm so proud to have a daughter that thinks about others and what's right and wrong (p 368).
  • Young Love

    Lily has a crush on a boy at school. They aren't dating but "hanging out" as the kids call it these days. Although the US considered a Semirestrictive culture, I am not yet ready to turn a blind to any type of sexual behavior. We have had "the talk" and she knows I would prefer her to wait, but I wanted her to know how to be safe if it does happen. Maybe this will be a short romance...(p 379).
  • Other drivers, Look Out!!

    So the day has come that Lily has been waiting for, for what seems like "forever"! She finally got her drivers license. I am glad she passed but terrified at the same time for this new found freedom she has. Based on statistics the rate of accidents decline after the first year but that seems so far away. Most of the fatalities and accidents are due to inexperience I suppose that means we need to get her out and driving (p 410).
  • Lily leaves for college today :(

    I am so happy for Lily to go start her new adventure but also sad that she is leaving. I know this will be such an exciting beneficial experience for her. I know according to Pascarella and Terenzini Lily will gain not only a wide variety of intellectual benefits such as improved verbal and quantitative skills but also a more distinct dentity and confidence. I can't wait to see the woman she will become. (p 421-2)