Baby and Fetus By Alex Rdz, Guillermo Bailleres and Sofia Betanzo P.5

  • Zygote

    When a sperm has just fertilized an egg it becomes a zygote and this will last for 1 week
  • Embryo

    The blastocyte forms into a embryop on week 12
  • Fetus

    It is a fetus from week 12 on.
  • Trimester 1 Weeks 1-4

    The embryo forms layers that will develop into organs. The heart now begins to beat, and the spinal column begin to form.
  • Trimester 1 weeks 5-8

    Finger buds arise and the eyes are more obvious. Toe buds and eyelids will develop during this month, and nerve cells in the brain will connect.
  • Trimester 1 weeks 9-12

    By the end of 12th week, the fetus is about 2.4 inches long from head to rump. The spinal tail is gone and the face is different.
  • Trimester 2 weeks 13-16

    the eyelids now cover the eyes, which will not reopen for about three more months. The legs and feet are well developed.
  • Trimester 2 weeks 17-20

    The fetus now weighs between 10 and 11 ounces, and now covered with fine hair called lanugo.
  • Trimester 2 weeks 21-24

    By the end of your sixth month, the fetus will weigh nearly two pounds and the head-to-rump length will be over nine inches.
  • Trimester 3 weeks 25-28

    Most fetuses turn to the head-down position now. Lungs continue to develop. Babies born at this stage usually survive but will require a lot of intensive care.
  • Trimester 3 weeks 29-32

    The body is more in shape,and the lanugo hairs are almost all gone. The baby can grasp firmly with his or her hands.
  • Trimester 3 weeks 33-36

    The baby is now due, At the end of 36 weeks, most babies will be about 7.5 pounds with length of nearly 15 inches and a total length of about 21 inches.