Azia Peters

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  • Grew up with a big family in canton

    Grew up with a big family in canton
    Her mom knew my mom since they were 8. They alI were at the hospital when i was born so azia and i grew up together
  • Her and her sisters had to move to Texas for a while

    Azia and I were separated for a while. When she came back everything was okay.
  • Grandma passed away

    Grandma passed away
    When Azia’s grandma passed, it was really hard for a while. She was still in Texas so I couldn’t give her a hug.
  • Came back to Michigan

    I was super happy when she came home. I gave her a big hug.
  • Family grew apart and mom got a divorce from step dad

    This was better for her family. Her mom was a lot happier without him
  • Moved to the other side of Canton and lost friends

    I could see this was really hard because everyone hates losing people. I was there for her all the time when things would get hard.
  • Dad got married

    Dad got married
    Her dad got married to his girlfriend, Azia’s step mom. I bet this was pretty hard seeing her dad marrying someone other than her mom.
  • Moved up north to Saint Johns for a year with dad

    Must’ve been hard not seeing her mom or sisters for a while. I missed her so much
  • Moved back in with mom

    I was really happy to see her again. It was so exciting
  • Did online school for the first time

    Did online school for the first time
    I still got to see her every day. I could tell she was stressed out from the amount of work.
  • Mom passed away

    This was very hard for my mom knowing her best friend is gone. I was there for azia and her sisters.
  • Dad moved to NC

    Her dad left her, her step mom and everything. This was really complicated but it wasn't that big
  • Step mom and dad got a divorce

    Didn;t hurt them as bad as i thought it would have. Her step mom found someone new really fast
  • Got two tattoos for my cousin and mom

    Got two tattoos for my cousin and mom
    Yes, she got one for me and she got one for her mom that passed away. She's the best:)