Aviation History

  • hot air ballon flies in France

    people in Paris France launched hot air ballon they show king Lous the 16th
  • samuel langley

    Was successfully launched the 1th large steam engine powered aircraft . It flew over a mule above the potomac river
  • the wright brothers get no money

    The Wright Brothers reaived a refused letter after they requested money from the Government to help them world oh their airplane inuentiuv
  • 1st trancontinental flight

    Cal Rraqers completes the first trans continehtal flight from long islands NY to pasaenon CN
  • Londing wheels work

    Lawrence sperry drops landing wheels sccessfully using a skid device
  • First passenger plane files

    the DC-3 the first successful passenger airline takes off from Santa Moniza, CA
  • men land on the moon

    First human lunar landing Astronaunts Neil Armstrong.Buzz Aldrin landed on the moons surface
  • Hubble Telescope

    NASA announces that the Hubble Telescope has captutred the First acheal picture of a planet outside of our solar system.
  • biggest airlline

    The Airbus A-360 the World Biggest airliner makers first flight to the United States landing in New York and in California