Colony 1

Australian History

By MarJ5A
  • 1790's Period

    1790's Period
    . 1790’s (Long Term): The British Government have granted the rights of land to 177 farmers from the settlement, two thirds of the farmers are ex-convicts! The settlement compromises Parramatta and Sydney, with a small colonial establishment on Norfolk Island.
  • 1790's Period: Effect on Eora

    1790's Period: Effect on Eora
    1790’s Effect (Long Term): The farmers and convicts are cutting down all of the trees for more space to grow their crops, this is causing all of the native animals to get scared and flee from the area, it doesn’t only affect all of the native animals natural habitat but it also affects the Eora people, the Eora people were one big tribe in Sydney, they can also be called the main tribe in/of Sydney. With all the native animals fleeing, the Eora people no longer had a food supply in some parts o
  • 1800's Period

    1800's Period
    1800’s (Long Term): After a 12 year ‘Guerrilla War’ which means jungle war, Pemulwuy, an Eora resistance fighter is shot and killed by two British settlers. His head is preserved and then sent to Sir Joseph Banks in London by Governor King. King then rights: ‘although a terrible pest to the colony, he was a brave and independent character
  • 1800's Period: Effect on Eora

    1800's Period: Effect on Eora
    1800’s (Long Term): Instead of bringing peace, killing Pemulwuy just made the Eora angrier, Tedbury continued the resistance for the next 8 years! The Eora people now won’t share anything with the English and are starting to steal from them.
  • 1810's Period

    1810's Period
    1810’s (Long Term): Macquarie decides the Indigenous ‘natives’ are behaving in a fashion that is not only ungrateful but, moreover, hostile. He organises a military drive to teach them a lesson.
  • 1800's Period: Effect on Eora

    1800's Period: Effect on Eora
    1810’s Effect (Long Term): This is not only wrong but it also encourages the Indigenous people to think of the English as ‘white devils’ and then might lead to guerrilla war. The English could wipe out all of the Eora people.
  • 1840's Period

    1840's Period
    1840’s (Long Term): The Commissioners of Crown lands estimate 6,640 people, half of them convicts, are living at 673 squatting stations, running about 350,000 cattle and 1,200,000 sheep!
  • 1840's Period: Effect on Eora

    1840's Period: Effect on Eora
    1840’s Effect (Long Term): The sheds for the squatters cleared a lot of land, the sheep and cattle also needed to graze on the grass and plants to survive, they ate lots of plants that were the Eora’s food supply, medicine supply, some of the plants may of even helped them make clothes.
  • 1850's Period

    1850's Period
    1850’s (Long Term): The first major gold strikes with gold found near Bathurst, in NSW, then in Victoria near what would soon become Ballarat. The subsequent rushes will transform Australian life with the new generation of emigrants, all seeking their fortunes. Melbourne becomes an overnight Metropolis!
  • 1850's Period: Effect on Eora

    1850's Period: Effect on Eora
    1850’s Effect (Long Term): Fights will break loose easier because more people will be digging in a certain area, a whole war could break loose!
  • 1860's Period

    1860's Period
    1860’s (Long Term): Devastating droughts occur in Victoria and New South Wales, they cause high difficulty for small farmers and bankrupt many pastoralists. All of this went from 1865 - 1869!
  • 1860's Period: Effect on Eora

    1860's Period: Effect on Eora
    1860’s Effect (Long Term): People could start to steal land and food, they could also demand their money back from purchasing their diggers license. They would blame everything on the government!
  • 1870's Period

    1870's Period
    1870’s (Long Term): Ned Kelly and his gang are at large, many policeman are shot and wounded or eve even killed, many banks are robbed too and telegraph wires are cut. Ned Kellies and his gang ( The outlaws ) kept on going on a rage like this from 1878 - 1880
  • 1870's Period: Effects on Public

    1870's Period: Effects on Public
    1870’s Effect (Long Term): The public are freaking out and very scared, no one would be able to stop Ned Kelly, the public also said that nowhere was safe. And the police could not capture him.
  • 1880's Period

    1880's Period
    1880’s (Long Term): Aboriginal boards of protection are now given powers to force ‘half caste’ Aboriginals to leave reserves. Aboriginals are separated from their families.
  • 1880's Period: Effect on Eora

    1880's Period: Effect on Eora
    Aboriginals are getting mad and very upset because they are getting separated from their children and familes.
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