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Australia and the somme

  • The first assult of the Somme begins

    The first assult of the Somme begins
    After weeks of artilary bombardment of the German line. The British and latter with the aid of Australian, Canadian and New Zealand soldiers launch an attack at the german line in order to relieve presure for the French in Verdun.The attack is a faliure resulting in almost 60,000 casulaties on the first day. The British are then forced to dig in and so began the battle of the Somme. Image of the ruins of a trench, modern day
  • Battle of Fromelles

    Battle of Fromelles
    The Australian 5th and British 61st devision attack german trenches at Fromelles to draw the Germans away from the main battle of the Somme. The Austrlians bombarded the german trenches for several hours before the assult. The artillary did very little damage to the Germans and made them aware of the upcoming attack. When the Australian and British come up from the trenches they were cut down by machine gun fire. The 5th division suffered 5,533 casualties in one day. A popy,
  • First Australian assult at Pozieres

    First Australian assult at Pozieres
    Australian 1st, 2nd and 4th devisions are sent to capture Pozieres and Mouquet to flank the Germans at Theipval at 12:30 A.M. The Australian 1st Division launched an assult on the German front line. They suceeded in capturing the line and pushed through to the main road through the town. After fending of a counter attack at dawn. The First Division secuered their position before they take the rest of the town that night. Map of pozieres
  • The Second Divison is called in

    The Second Divison is called in
    After the first divison had captured Pozieres. The Second Divison were called in to relieve them against the German counter attacks and take the area surounding the town. The First Division had suffered almost 6,000 casualaties when they were relieved. Memorial at poziere
  • The Second Divison launch their assult

    The Second Divison launch their assult
    At 12:15 A.M. the Second Division launch an assult to capture the areas surounding the town of Pozieres. They fail and suffer 3,500 casualaties. They then hold out in their trench against the German bonbardment until they can attack again. Memorial of the first devision.
  • The Second Divison take the area surounding Pozieres

    The Second Divison take the area surounding Pozieres
    The Second Division launch another attack at the Germans this time suceeding. They then secured the German trenches and were releived by the 4th Division on the 6th. The Second Divison suffered close to 7,000 casualaties. Modern time of the site of the battle
  • Pozieres is secured

    Pozieres is secured
    After the 4th Division relieved the 2nd. They dug in and were to face a heavy artilary bombardment and a counter attack from the Germans. TheY managed to fend off the attack. This was the last time the Germans attempted to recapture Pozieres.Memorial at pozieres
  • Period: to

    Battle at Mouquet farm

    After the capture of Pozieres. The Australian 1st, 2nd and 4th divisons move to capture Mouquet farm. A strategic point north of the town. the meet heavy resistance by the Germans and loose over 11,000 men in the attacks. The assult is a failure and the Australian troops withdraw.
  • Australians relieved at Mouquet

    Australians  relieved at Mouquet
    After the assult at Mouquet farm fails. The Canadians relieve the decimated 1st, 2nd and 4th Divisons from battle. In total the 1st DIvision had 7,654 casualties, the 2nd DIvision had 8,114 casualties. the 4th Division had 7,058 casualties. In less than seven weeks of fighting Australia had 28,359 casualties. more than the entire 8 months of Galipolli. Memorial on the somme
  • Mouquet is captured

    Mouquet is captured
    After many futile atempts Mouquet is finaly capture when the British advence past Theipval. Since its original purpose was to flank Theipval the site is no longer of strategic importants and is used as an isolated outpost. A memorial at Mouquet
  • The British offensive stops on the Somme

    The British offensive stops on the Somme
    After terential rain in October and having only gained 8 km in the 5 months the British decide to stop the offencive on the Somme leaving ANZACs and Canadians to defend the line. The British suffered around 420,000 casualties. the French suffered around 195,000 casualties. and the Germans suffered aound 650,000 casualties. A rusted helmet left on the site of the battle