The anzacs

Australia and Gallipoli Timeline

By azar67
  • 20,000 Men

    20,000 Men
    The Australian Federal Government decided that the event of World War 1 would off to Great Britain's Military Force of 20,000 men, and would place the Royal Australian Navy under the control of the British Admiralty.
  • Period: to

    World War One

    Was the First World War.
  • This Means World War 1

    This Means World War 1
    Great Britain declared war on the Germans and Germans Allies.
  • They Need Back-Up!!

    They Need Back-Up!!
    The Ottoman Empire (Turkey) enterted the war as allies to Germany and Austria.
  • Transporting ANZACS

    Transporting ANZACS
    The first convoy of transport ships transporting Australian Imperial Forces and also New Zealand Expeditionary Force left in Europe from St. George's Sound, Albany, Western Australia
  • Australia's First General Hospital

    Australia's First General Hospital
    The very First Australian General Hospital opened in Heliopolis Palace Hotel, Cario, Egypt.
  • Warships Failed

    Warships Failed
    Warships of the British and French Navy failed to kill the Turkish forts at Dardanelles.
  • 3 am at ANZAC COVE

    3 am at ANZAC COVE
    At 3 am on the 26th of April 1915 more than 1700 dead soldiers were evacuated from the area of the Anzac Landing. Mainly from the beach south of Ari Burnu which became ANZAC COVE.
  • This Land is Ours!!

    This Land is Ours!!
    A small area of Gallipoli Peninsula became the ANZACS.
  • Fresh Bread

    Fresh Bread
    The first issue of fresh bread on ANZAC from the 1st Australian Field Bakery on Imbros.
  • We Have A Pier

    We Have A Pier
    A pier was completed at ANZAC COVE for landing stores and equpiment.
  • August Offensive

    August Offensive
    The Turkey's counter-attacks began at 6 pm.
  • The End of The August Offensive

    The End of The August Offensive
    End of the August Offensive.
  • Beginning of the Attempt to take Hill 60

    Beginning of the Attempt to take Hill 60
    Trying to take over Hill 60 but they failed.
  • Attempt to take over Hill 60 Again

    Attempt to take over Hill 60 Again
    They try to take over Hill 60 again but couldn't hold their ground.
  • Torpedoed

    A Transport Ship carrying Australian and some British Troops, got torpedoed and the ship sunk and 32 Australian Soldiers drowned to death.
  • Storms

    Severe Autumn Storms lashed out at Gallipoli from the South-West. Lots of damage was made to ANZAC COVE.
  • Head Lice!!

    Head Lice!!
    The ANZAC COVE had a meeting, attended by 50 medical officers discussing the problem of head lice among the troops.
  • The Evacuation Of Gallipoli

    The Evacuation Of Gallipoli
    It took over two days and two nights to evacuate Gallipoli and the Turks were unaware of the major evacuation.
  • The End of the War

    The End of the War
    Turkey sued for peace and that was the end of World War 1.