• Jamestown

    Pilgrims discovery a new land. Jamestown
  • Mayflower

    The Mayflower takes Pilgrims over to new land. They then call the new land America.
  • 40000 Settlers Move to Nebraska

  • British Raid on Liberty

  • Men, British

    Men, British
    Men loose jobs, they blame British.
  • Gun Smith Puts Men Through Training

    Gun Smith Puts Men Through Training
  • Territory

    Occupied by French, British, Native Americans.
  • Daniel Boone

    Daniel Boone
    American pioneer and explorer, one of the first folk heroes of America.
  • 45 War Ships Invade

    45 War Ships Invade
  • Declaration

  • 2 British War Ships Open Fire

    2 British War Ships Open Fire
  • New York Under Fire

    New York Under Fire
  • Captured by British

    Captured by British
  • Independence War

    Independence War
  • American Revalution

    American Revalution
  • Washington Becomes President

    Washington Becomes President
  • Statue of Liberty

    Statue of Liberty
    The Statue of Liberty was givin to the U.S from France. It was made up of copper steel and concrete.
  • Andrew Carnagi

    Andrew Carnagi
    Big steel producer.
  • Thomas Burns

    Thomas Burns
    Crime Buster
  • Election

  • Elevator

    Otis made the first safe elevator.
  • Single Biggest Real Estate Purchase

    Single Biggest Real Estate Purchase
  • Lewis Wrote in Journal

  • Jefferson buys land 3 cents acre

    Jefferson buys land 3 cents acre
  • Milk Sickness

    Milk Sickness
  • Trappers go through Rockies

    Trappers go through Rockies
  • 300 men go out to trap

  • Industrial Revolution

    Industrial Revolution
  • Andrew Jackson

    Andrew Jackson
  • Alamo

  • Alamo

    The Alamo Texas
  • Alamo Starts

  • Men and Woman move to new land

    Men and Woman move to new land
  • Eat First Human

    Eat First Human
  • Thousands Head to New Land

    Thousands Head to New Land
  • Doaner Party

    Doaner party gets trapped for 3 months. They then decide to go cannibal.
  • Find Gold Nuggets

    Find Gold Nuggets
  • Uncle Toms Cabin

    Uncle Toms Cabin
  • New discoverys

    New discoverys
    Oil is disocovered you can use it for lighting.
  • Jon Executed

    Jon Executed
  • Robert and Lee

    Robert and Lee
  • Civil War

    Civil War
  • Lee out numbered

  • Civil War

    Civil War
  • Lincoln gives proclomation

    Lincoln gives proclomation
  • Civil War strips citys resources

  • Railroad Done

    Railroad Done
  • Colt 45

    Colt 45
    seventeen dollars
  • New Years- Light Bulb

    New Years- Light Bulb
    On New Years of 1879 they show off the new light bulb.
  • last band of sue surrender

    last band of sue surrender
  • Criminals

    In the 1890's criminals pretty well ran the street, breaking all kinds of laws.
  • Cotton Gin

    Cotton Gin
  • Skyscrapers

    Skyscrapers became very popular in the 1900's. Men that worked on them had a very good chance to die. It was a risk job at four dollars a week, thats twice the going rate.
  • Oil Drilling

    Oil Drilling
    Takes oil drilling two months to get 1100 feet.
  • Hammel Brothers

    Hammel Brothers
    Hammel brothers find oil.
  • Water

    L.A starts to run low on water supply. They need to find a new supply of water.
  • Ford

    Henry Ford makes automobile.
  • Sewers

    4040 sewers in America.
  • Fabric Safety

    In 1911 a fabric company caught on fire. It went up so fast that about a hundred women could not make it out. Alot of them were saved but others jumped from the window because of no other choice.
  • Ford

    Henry Ford makes production line.
  • Waterway

    In 1913 there is a waterway built for L.A to get water to the city.
  • Band

    In 1919 alchohol is considered bad. People are slacking at work, beating there wives. They band alchohol.
  • Model T

    Model T
    Every twenty four seconds a model T was rolling off the assembly line.
  • Man Carried a mile across Kansas Tornado

    Man Carried a mile across Kansas Tornado
  • Depression

  • Hoover Damm

    Hoover Damm
    Frank Crow was givin the go ahead to build the Hoover damm. He was known for making the damms faster and stronger then anyone else.
  • Tax Adation

    Tax Adation
    Copone is put in jail for 11 years, guilty of tax adation.
  • Hoover Damm Finished

    Hoover Damm Finished
    The hoover dam was finished under the amount of time they had planned. Big profits went to the builder for finishing early.
  • Dust Storms from great plains to atlantic ocean.

    Dust Storms from great plains to atlantic ocean.
  • Louise once a performer in Vegas, caught in dust storm.

  • Biggest Hydro-electric plant in the world

    Biggest Hydro-electric plant in the world
  • Joe Lewis fight a german for #1 contender for heavy weight champ.

  • Rematch

    38 Million come watch. Over in 124 seconds.
  • Invention on the Jeep

    Invention on the Jeep
  • Fleet Towards Pearl Harbor

  • B17

    Flying fortress B17 Bomber
  • Bomb

    America bomb day by day
  • D-Day

  • Operation Overlord

  • Atomic Bomb

  • Credit Card

    In 1958 the credit card becomes popular.
  • Invention of Washing Machine

  • 9/11

    Terrorist run two plains into the trade centers. Another into the pentagon, One more goes down in a random field.
  • City of Spindles

  • Women in Factories

  • 60000 Slaves escape

  • John Brown

  • March of 1000 miles trail of tears

  • Start Gold Mining

  • Steam Boats invention

  • Peoples Eager Life

  • Gettysburg Address

  • Lee Kills 1700 Union Soldiers

  • Abe Lincoln Shot

  • Railroad

  • Chinese work Railroad

  • Towns Build up finished railroad

  • Shoot buffalo leather

  • Wild horses become popular

  • 1 of 3 cowboys are black

  • Barbwire Fence becomes popular

  • Gold is wanted

  • Cowboys

    Drive cattle a thousand miles to the railroad
  • Texas Longhorn

    Texas bread a new cow, the Texas Longhorn
  • Mail order book

    Sears creates a sales book
  • Thomas Edison

  • Inventions

    Light Bulb and Carbonated Cardboard
  • Factory

    Shirtwaste Factory Fire
  • Triangle Building

    When the triangle building was first built everyone thought it was going to fall over. They also blamed it for certain wind gusts etc.
  • oil

    Oil discovered in Texas.
  • Ford

    The model T is made rapidly. 300,000 a year.
  • LA

    L.A is the fastest growing city in the world.
  • WWII

  • Paul Tibits

  • Woodstock

  • Keut St

  • Challenger Explosion

  • Apple (Steve Jobs)

    Passes Away.
  • Mac

    Bill Gates is the founder of gates.
  • U2