assignment, (EPIC)

  • Jan 1, 1156

    Yoritomo becomes Shogun

    Yoritomo was descended from the imperial family on his father's side and the Fujiwara noble family on his mother's side, he got his first court title and was appointed an administrator
  • Jan 1, 1542

    European arrival in Japan

    European arrival in Japan
    The two million Portuguese people ruled a empire with many millions of people in the Americas, Africa, the middle East and Asia. In 1514, the Portuguese had travelled to China and Japan.
  • Jan 1, 1542

    Portuguese traders arrival in Japan

    In 1542 Jesuit missionary Francis Xavier arrived in Goa at the service of King John III of Portugal, in charge of an Apostolic Nunciature. At the same time Francisco Zeimoto and other traders arrived in Japan for the first time.
  • Japan closses door to the west

    After the Shimabara rebilion Iemitsu increaseingly saw christianity as a threat to the stability to Japan. He Banned portuguese ships from Japans shores and expelled all foreingers.
  • The begining of the Hiean period

    In the year 794 ad the Japanese Imperial Court departed Nagaoka and changed its seat to Heian-Kyo. The City of the Moon.The city had been laid out and built to provide a new capital. Japan had never seen a community like Heian-Kyo before and it is perhaps at this point that Japan as a state came into its own