Assassinations of the 1960's

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    The 1960's

  • Assassination of John F. Kennedy

    Assassination of John F. Kennedy
    Crowds of people crowded the street in hopes of getting a glimpse of the Kennedy's car in Dallas Texas The car turned off Main Street at Dealey Plaza around 12:30 p.m. As it was passing the Texas School Book Depository, gunfire suddenly reverberated in the plaza. Bullets struck the president's neck and head. At 1:00 p.m. , John F. Kennedy was pronounced dead
  • Malcolm X is assassinated

     Malcolm X is assassinated
    On Feb. 21, 1965, Malcolm X was about to address the Organization of Afro-American Unity at the Audubon Ballroom in Harlem when he was shot and killed by assassins identified as Black Muslims.
  • Martin Luther King Jr is assassinated

    Martin Luther King Jr is assassinated
    At 6:01 p.m. on April 4, 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was standing on the balcony in front of his room at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee, when he was shot by a sniper. King was taken to a nearby hospital and was pronounced dead at 7:05 p.m.
  • Robert Kennedy is assassinated

    Robert Kennedy is assassinated
    Early morning on June 5, 1968, shortly after delivering a speech to in the California primary, Kennedy was shot in a kitchen corridor outside the ballroom of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. He died the next day at age 42.