By ValCN
  • EO

    Honda's humanoids are shown in the chronological order of development since 1986.
  • E1

    Experimental Model 1: Early prototype of the later models walked at static pace of 0.25km/h with a certain distinction of movement between the two legs.
  • E2

    Experimental Model 2: First dynamic movement at 1.2km/h mimicking the human walk.
  • E3

    Experimental Model 3: Thigh-like legs walked at the normal human speed ok 3km/h.
  • E4

    Experimental Model 4: Knee length was increased to 40cm to simulate the quick human step speed of 4.7km/h.
  • E5

    Experimental Model 5: First autonomous locomotion model had a large head cover.
  • E6

    Experimental Model 6: Autonomous control of balancing when going up and down the stairs or slopes or stepping over an obstacle.
  • P1

    Prototype Model 1: First prototype of a man-like model with upper limbs an the body.
  • P2

    Prototype Model 2: First humanoid stunned the public with realistic movement.
  • P3

    Prototype Model 3: Evolution in size and weight marked this fun humanoid.

    Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility 2000-: Further evolution in size and weight and advanced walking technology.