(A.S.) - Warriors #1 - Erin Hunter - Action/Adventure - 270 Pages

  • Page 1 - Page 50

    Rusty, a normal housecat, has always been intrigued by the wild forest that lay beyond his house. He wishes to explore it, and does one day, despite warnings about mythical wild-cats that hunt and live in the forest. He is confronted by them, and they ask if he would like to join their clan, called ThunderClan. He accepts, and they take him to their camp. He is amazed by it. Read- 50; Total- 275
  • Page 50- Page 100

    Rusty is officially admitted into ThunderClan, and is given his apprentice name, Firepaw. His mentor is the clan leader, Bluestar, and he immediately befriends another apprentice named Grawpaw. Their training begins as soon as he can fend for himself. He spots a vicious badger on one of his first hunting patrols, and provides a warning to the queens nursing kits. After that, a rogue cat from ShadowClan, Yellowfang, enters their territory and is captured. Pages Read- 50 Pages Total- 325
  • Page 100- Page 150

    Firepaw, after battling and capturing Yellowfang, is ordered to be her watchguard, as he broke the rules by feeding her. He learns that she is a valiant, sarcastic-but-kind cat and befriends her. Later on, ThunderClan's deputy and ThunderClan's senior warrior die in battle, and Bluestar appoints the new deputy, Tigerclaw. The same night, Firepaw and Grawpaw are asked to come to the gathering of all the clans, and attend. Once they get there, one of the clans is missing! # Read- 50 # Total- 375
  • Page 150- Page 225

    ShadowClan tells that they have droven out WindClan, and they demand that their territory is expanded, arguing they have a bigger population than the rest. Their retched leader, BrokenStar, also says that Yellowfang is a traitor and a murderer, startling the ThunderClan cats. Later on that week, ShadowClan raids their camp, and Bluestar, returning from her quest to the moonstone, barely makes it back in time to save the clan. Thankfully, no cat dies. Read- 75,Total- 450
  • Page 225- Page 275 (end)

    After fighting off the ShadowClan cats, ThunderClan regroups. However, one day later, three helpless kits are stolen, and Spottedleaf, the medicine cat, is murdered in cold blood. The clan suspects Yellowfang, as she had disappeared from the scene. Firepaw and some warriors go out to find her. When they do, they realize she is on their side, and she leads their successful raid into ShadowClan. The kits are safe, and the Firepaw is promoted to warrior rank. He is now Fireheart. Read- 50Total-500