(A.S.) - Firestar's Quest - Erin Hunter - Action/Adventure - 510 Pages

  • Page 1- Page 50

    Firestar, now leader of ThunderClan after the recent war with BloodClan, has been very content. His clan is quickly rebuilding, there is plenty of food, and the clans are at peace for the time. However, he begins havign these terrible dreams of a whole other clan, all fear-stricken and dying. He asks his medicine cat, Cinderpelt, about the dreams, but she doesn't have a clue what they mean. He goes to the moonstone, a religious connection point, and asks StarClan himself. Read- 50 Total-500
  • Page 50- Page 100

    Firestar keeps having his terrible dreams, and decides he must get away. He goes back to his old home and realizes overnight that this is a quest he must pursue. When he returns, he tells his closest friends he is leaving, and takes his mate, Sandstorm, with him into an unknown area to find SkyClan. Pages Read- 50. Pages Total- 600
  • Page 100- Page 225

    Firestar and Sandstorm embark on their perilous quest, not really knowing what to do or where to go. They decide to head upriver into WindClan territory. They narrowly miss a patrol that would have killed them, and barely manage to avoid a rabid group of dogs. They eventually find a spot to rest and recover after passing a highway, but they both know there is still a long way to go. Pages Read- 25. Pages Total- 625.
  • Page 225 - Page 325

    Firestar and Sandstorm arrive at the SkyClan camp, abandoned and old. They meet two kittypets named Boris and Cherry, and soon realize that they are SkyClan descendants. Firestar also meets a cat named Sky, the only one left in the area who knows of SkyClan. He is old and was born into the last generation of the clan. Firestar begins his job to reassemble the lost clan. Read- 100. Total- 725
  • Page 325- Page 425

    Firestar starts with the two kittypets, Boris and Cherry, and begins to instruct them on the warrior code, hunting and fighting. He also meets a rogue named Clover, a nursing queen with 3 kits. These cats manage to bring in more cats, and before soon, a whole clan is assembled, fierce and rejuvinated. Pages Read- 100 Total- 825.
  • Page 425- Page 510 (end)

    Firestar is told by Skywatcher that there is a threat that lies unseen to the clan. He tells the story of how the clann fell apart in the first place; a bunch of territorial rats. They decide that in order to keep the clan safe for the future, they must wipe out the colony. They lead a full-on strike on the rat colony, and the battle is long and bloody. Thankfully, only one cat is slain, Rainfur, and Firestar gets out of the battle losing only one of his nine lives.