Boring battle pitchure

A.R.W battles

By conners
  • lexington and Concord

    lexington and Concord
    This was the 1st battle of the war. The british won the battle
  • Bunker (breeds) Hill

    Bunker (breeds) Hill
    It was the 1st OFFICAL battle of the war. The Amercains lose again.
  • Charles town

    Charles town
    It was the 1st attempt for the british to chapture Charles Town
  • Cowpens

    12 were killed 60 were wounded none were captured. It was on the border of nc and sc
  • Saratoga

    The turning point of the war of Amercains Parorits. The Amercains asked the french for help
  • YorkTown

    FINAL BATTLE OF THE WAR!!!!!! Blockade made british surender (no suplies could get in /no british could get out)