Artemis Fowl, , The Lost Colony, Eoin Colfer, Fiction, 385

  • Artimes Fowl, The Lost Colony, Fiction, 30 pages.

    Today, September 13th I read 30 pages, pages 30-60. In the pages I read the book starts to reveel whos evil and who is good. Artimes, a 14 year old genius has been searching for a demon in hopes to conquer time. Vinaya, Holly, and Mulch are worried because if Demons are discovered their race is next. Foaly had tryed to put a 24 hour watch over Artimes, but the boy whited out the camera and destroyed it. Mulch, Holly, and Vinaya need to stop Artimes before humans find out Demons do really exsist.
  • September 12th 2012, Artimes Fowl, The Lost Colony. 30 pages, fiction.

    Today, September 12th 2012 i read 30 pages. 1- 30. In the fiction book Artmies Fowl, The Lost Colony it starts to introduce the characters. Artimes. Holly, Mulch, foaly, and Vinayya. Holly a former LEP agent is not happy with her life, and wants an adveture or some excitement. Artimes a 14 year old genius, loves to use his abilities to outsmart his opponents . Mulch a dwarf, twho has many strange abilities. Foaly, a Centaur who is a computer genius. Finally. Vinaya, Hollies ols LEP Partener.
  • Artimes Fowl, The Loast Colony, 353 pages, Chpaters, 3-6, 66-135

    In these pages, Holly gets a task from Section eight to track Artimes Fowl and see what he is up to. They beieve he is experimenting with demons or doing something along the lines of that. They had put trackers in his bedroom and can see everything he is doing. Thye cant let him reveal demons to mankind, because faires could be next.
  • Artimes Fowl, The Lost Colony, 353 pages, Chapters 8-9,170-200

    In these pages Artimes is about to summon the Demon, only to get dragged through space and time. Artimes wants to go to the Demons homeland and study and experiment with them. Section 8 needs to stop him before Demons get introduced to humans, and all of the fairy world is gone.
  • Artimes Fowl, The Lost Colony, 353 pages, Chapters 6-8, 133-171

    In these pages Holly and Mulch Diggums are spying on Artimes in a super market, Section eight had reports of Artimes knowing when and where the next demon would show up. Section eight had also found out that Artimes is using the Demons to travel through time.