Arlington Road analysis

  • hospital scene (0:01)

    hospital scene (0:01)
    this scene opens with a medium camera shot from a low angle. The man is in a hospital and has blood on his shirt which could mean that he was involved in a fight of some sort. The sound is starts off as normal dialogue and he has an angry and confused tone which turns into shouting. They have a lot of close ups on the two peoples faces to show their emotions and the background isn't shown much yet we still know where they are.
  • kids playing shot

    kids playing shot
    shows a scene of POV on the three girls running, you get a small glimpse of the girls face, looks hapoy. Then cuts to a scene of swings. All in black and white, looking mysterious.
  • spying on dude

    spying on dude
    This scene is a high angle shot in POV looking at what seems to be the three girls and a parent. Being spyed on by somebody that the viewers dont know yet. With the colour of red mainly in the image.
  • Period: to

    Arlington Road analysis

  • Period: to

    Arlington Road

  • Fence shot (0:23)

    Fence shot (0:23)
    simple shots of fences, like a symbol of keeping something in or out. It Doesnt make it clear to the watchers what the fence is there for. They film the shot whilst shaking the camera, kind of a POV shot. They also add the editing of blood red to the background of the fence. The scene then filckers to random houses/ streets, using a negative filter on the scene, making everything look dark, then filckers back to the fence, still in POV. It does this another three times.
  • Movie Title scene (0:52)

    Movie Title scene (0:52)
    At the start it shows te street sign, then cuts quickly to flickering titles and then the Arlington Road title appears. The title stays on the right hand side of the screen most of the time whilst the background is flickering through different words and images. At one shot for a slight second you see the title and the street sign in the same frame.
  • the electric meter shot (1:05)

    the electric meter shot (1:05)
    a POV shot of the electricity meter lasts for a couple of seconds, with the camera shaking, almost like being spyed on type way. Then flickers into other random shots lasting not even a second of fences, a landing with the USA flag on top, all these shots having the main colour of red
  • dog scene (1:13)

    dog scene (1:13)
    Close up shot of the dog eating something that the viewer does not no. Filtered in black and white, zooming into the dogs mouth. The cuts to a fence, as if somebody was driving or running past fast, flickering shots of the fence.
  • umbrella dude shot

    umbrella dude shot
    Dodgy man/ women, not very clear, looks mysterious, we do not get to see the front of him. It seems like the sun is out and he/she has an umbrella. Filtered in black and white. Then flickers to a door handle and some dresses blowing in the breeze.