Aratia History

By jag4246
  • Dec 17, 1553

    Aratia Discovered

    On this date, Russian sailors found a huge piece of land. They brought back lots of people, and it eventually became it's own successful country. The sailors became the new government. They wanted it to be a fair country with equal rights.
  • Aratia Founded

    On this date Aratia became a country. It's people had been waiting for this event for years. It sperated from Russia. It appointed a dictator. He made the people work all day 6 days a week. He was eventually overthrown by an army of rebels. They appointed a new, much better leader.
  • Iron Spree

    The Iron Spree was when hundreds of people found iron all over the country. It affected the people because they could sell to people in other countries and make lots of money. Lot's of people became rich off of the Iron Spree, because there was so much. There were iron swords, guns, everything. Some people even built houses out of iron.
  • Period: to

    Continental War

    This war was Araia against Greenland. Aratia had horsemen, archers, and swordsmen but were strongly ouutnumbered. They were not prepared to fight a war. Both sides suffered heavy casualties, and Greenland finally signed a peace treaty.
  • Period: to

    Emerald Age

    The Emerald Age was when two miners searching for iron came across fifteen pounds of emerald. They became rich and famous, untill a month later, More miners struck emerald. It became contagious. Soon everyone came to mine for emerald. They became rendered worthless, and only the first two men made a living off of it.