Aqsa's Life

Timeline created by aqsa qudoos
  • Baby Aqsa entered this world

    Baby Aqsa entered this world
    It was a very special night for my family, the last member of the family entering this world.
  • Baby Aqsa learns how to walk and speak

    Baby Aqsa learns how to walk and speak
    With the help of her family she learns how to take her first few steps and speak baby words
  • Joins school

    Joins school
    Exposed a little more to the world. Starting a new tiny chapter in life.
  • Moves to Houston, Texas

    Moves to Houston, Texas
    When she's 9 her whole family moves to the states. Specifically Houston, Texas
  • 10th Birthday!

    10th Birthday!
    Celebrates her 10th birthday there with her new friends!!
  • Learns new things

    Learns new things
    As time went by she met more and more new people and learned new things everyday
  • Growth Spurt

    Growth Spurt
    She has a huge growth spurt and her mind changes as well
  • Moves back to Pakistan

    Moves back to Pakistan
    Unfortunately, her whole family had to move back to their hometown, Pakistan because of family issues.
  • Meets old friends!!

    Meets old friends!!
    She meets her old friends and family members again and has a fun time!! Goes back to her old school and studies hard like always :)
  • Now

    And now she is stuck in Quarantine because of a pandemic