Apple Products

  • Apple I

    The apple I was the first apple computer created but without a screen
  • Period: to


  • Apple II

    The apple II was the second computer made by apple, this one had colour and more to the apple I
  • Apple III

    The Apple III was the 3rd apple computer, but this one has a screen and better functions
  • Iphone 2g

    The Iphone 2G was another of apple products, it was quite slow but it was the first Iphone
  • Iphone 3gs

    The IPhone 3gs is a much better version of the iPhone 2, there is a verity of things you can do on the iPhone 3gs, before the iPhone 2 wasn’t even able to take proper photos or anything that a IPhone 3gs can do now.
  • Ipod shuffle 4th Generation

    The Ipod shuffle 4th Generation was the ipod with no screen, It is mainly used for listening to music while running or jogging
  • Iphone 4 White & Black

    The iPhone 4 is a better version of the iPhone 3, it is now much faster and videoing and taking photos are in high definition
  • Ipod nano 6th generation

    The Ipod nano 6th generation was a really cool apple product because it was small and was touch screen
  • Ipad 2 White

    The IPad 2 is a newer and more techno version of the ipad 1, it now comes with photo booth and you can play games and surf the net in high speed.
  • MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air.

    The MacBook’s now can do a lot of different things, it can edit movies, sync songs and videos and do other new cool stuffs.