Apple History

  • The Begining

    Steven Jobs and Stephen Wozniak create the first Apple computer in Steves garage. Founded Apple companies.
  • Start of Apple 2

    Apple creates the Apple 2. Michal Scott named first president. Armas Markkula joins Apple. Apple logo designed Rob Janoff.
  • The Disk Era

    Apple creates the Disk 2. Jef Raskin joins Apple.Company moves to Cupertino headquarters.
  • Apple 2 Plus

    Introduces first printer. 250 people working out of four buildings.
  • Apple 3

    Goes public with 4.6 million shares.
  • New President

    Markula becomes president. Jobs becomes chairman.
  • Raskin resigns

    raskin resigns
    hit the one billion mark for annual sales
    take action against the cloning of apple II
  • lisa

    john sculley named president CEO
    lisa and mac combined
  • new apples and macs

    Andy hertzfeld leaves apple
  • the year to resign

    Sculley reduces jobs role
    woz resigns
    jobs resigns and forms neXt
    windows 101 is released
  • mac plus

    jobs establishes pixar
    APDA is formed
  • the battle of appple and microsoft

    Jean louis is named president of apple products
    sue microsoft over GUI
  • mac portable

    acquires corel software
    sueds over the beatles apple corps music\
    sued by xerox GUI
  • MAC LC

    Gene Louis resigns
    list on Tokyos stock exchange
  • power book 100

    announces 10 language versions of system seven
  • making money

    number of customers using system seven reaches 4 million
    reaches first 2 billion revenue quarter
  • newton message pad

    Michael spindler is named ceo
    Sculley resigns
    power book sales top 1 million mark
  • quick tip camera

    Macs celebrates 10th birthday
    introduces wiggle works home learning software for children
  • quadra 610

    one millioth power mac produced
  • new CEO

    Gil ameila named Ceo
    4th quarter results in 25 million profit
  • out with the old in with the new

    Ameila out as CEO
    Jobs named CEO
  • Imac 233

    scraps newton operating system
    made advancements to various servers, operating systems, and machines
  • power mac cube

  • IPod

    Created IPod
    Opened first retail store in Virgina
  • Imac G4

    Imac G4 is released
    Retail stores go over-seas
  • iTunes

    iTunes store opens
    Hits 25 million iTunes downloads
  • Imac D5

    Imac D5 is created
    Launches iTunes Canada
  • Ipod nano

    Ipod nano is released
    iTunes tops 500 million downloads
  • Imac core duo

    Imac core duo
    Disney buys Pixar
    Offers March madness on iTunes
  • iPhone

    Apple announces iPhone
    Reveals iPod touch
  • App store

    Opens doors to the app store
    Macbook air
  • iPhone 3GS

    Apple releases iPhone 3GS
  • iPad

    iPad is released