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By Styn
  • Period: to


    A timeline of the important events on Apartheid
  • Prohibitation of mixed marrige act

  • Population registration act

  • The group areas Act

    Nonwhites were allocated in reserves and mixed family were separate.
  • BANTU homelands act

    Land reserved for black Africans became independent nations.
  • Abolition of passes and coordination of documents act

  • Bantu education act

    Blacks and whites different education
  • Woman protesting against passed laws

  • Sharpville massacre

    63 people died while marching to a police station and the ANC and PAC were banned.
  • SA becomes a republic

  • Nelson Mandela was imprisoned after the revonia trial, for treason

  • District 6 declared a white area

  • 6 september 1966: Hedrick Verwoerd was Assinated

    Hedrick Verwoerd was assassinated in Cape Town by Dimitri tsafendas.
  • Series of high school led protest 176 people killed