ANZAC Landing

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    Naval Attacks

    Gallipoli began as an ambitious naval strategy devised by Winston Churchill to force the Ottoman Empire out of the war. The plan was to attack the capital Constantinople (Istanbul) from the sea by forcing open the Dardanelles with heavy bombardment of its coastal forts. On 19 February, an Anglo French fleet attacked the Ottoman forts at the mouth of the passage with little effect. Convinced however, that the Ottomans were weakened and vulnerable, the main attack was launched under Admiral de Ro
  • Gallipoli Landings - British

    Hamilton’s invasion plan of 25 April was to land his infantry at strategic points along the coast. They would then corss the peninsula to take the forts at Kilitbahir thereby allowing his navy to pass through the heavily defended narrows of the Dardanelles.
  • Gallipoli Landings - ANZAC

    The ANZAC battalions would land on beach, north of Kaba Tepe then advance across the peninsula, first capturing their own high ground objective. The attack was scheduled to take place in the dark before dawn to keep the element of surprise. The Ottoman 5th Army under German Gneral Otto Liman Von Sanders meanwhile prepared for this ‘surprise’ attack by deploying regiments thinly across the peninsula, guarding the most likely landing sites between Helles and Suvla Bay, and keeping the remainder m
  • Gallipoli Landings - French

    The plan was to make a diversionary landing at Kum Kale on the Asian side of Dardanelles before re-embarking and crossing to meet the British at the eastern side of Cape Helles and the Roal Naval Division would make a feint at Bulair Isthmus further north on the Gulf of Saros.
  • Battles of Krithia

    Hamilton ordered to attack the village of Krithia.The British approached form the South and West and encountered determined defence from Ottoman troops who were scattered throughout.
  • Anzac Cove

    Australian and New Zealand Division commander, General Godley ordered an attack on Hill Baby 700 from the frontline posts of Russell’s Top and Quinn’s Post.
  • Second Battle of Krithia

    The same plan as the first, over a 3rd injured or killed.
  • Truce

    Truce was man to bury Ottoman bodies lying in no-man's land.
  • Third Attack on Krithia

    The plan was to capture Ottaman's trenches. Many people were killed on both side and did not work out well considering the amount of land gained.
  • Capture

    ANZAC'S successfully capture a turkish trench.
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    Hamilton resisted evacuation and was replaced by Lieutenant-General Sir Charles Monro.
  • Three day rain-storm

    This flooded trenches, drowning soldiers.
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    Killed heaps of soldiers.
  • Evacuation

    Anzac cove and sulva were evacuated.
  • Evacuation

    Evacuated from Helles.