Anya and Emmy TKAM historic timeline

  • Maycomb founded

    Maycomb founded
    Battle of Horseshoe Bend, General Andrew Jackson ran the Creeks up the creek of Alabama abd then traveled down the river to where Maycomb was supposedly founded
  • Dewey decimal system

    Dewey decimal system
    The Dewey decimal system was invented by Melvil Dewey.
  • Great Depression started

    Great Depression started
    The stock market crashed after stocks were atempted to be sold faster than people would buy them.
  • Discrimination

    There is a lot of discrimination towards African Americans (Aunt Alexandra doesn't want Calpurnia to stay)
  • Apple sellers

    Apple sellers
    More than 6,000 apple sellers crowded the streets and corners Manhattan. The apple sellers were unemployed and they sold the apples for five cents apiece.
  • $150 million asked for

    $150 million asked for
    President Herbert Hoover asks Congress for $150 million in order to increase empolyment and economic activity.
  • Mexican Americans

    Mexican Americans
    6,024 Mexican Americans are deported in this month alone because of people complained that they were stealing the jobs of "real" Americans
  • Meeting Dill

    Meeting Dill
    The book starts with the first summer they meet Dill after he had seen Dracula in theaters (1931).
  • Going to School

    Going to School
    This was the first year Scout went to school.
  • The Reconstruction Finance Corporation

    The Reconstruction Finance Corporation
    Congress established the Reconstruction Finance Corporation to lend $2 billion to banks, insurance companies, building and loan associations, and farming organizations
  • Unemployment Rate

    Unemployment Rate
    Start of one of the worst years of the Great Depression unemployment rises to 23.6%
  • The nothole first sighting

    The nothole first sighting
    A big moment for Scout and Jem they were excited to find little trinckets in there, and this happened near the end of the first year of school.
  • Miss Maudie's House burnt down

    Miss Maudie's House burnt down
    It was winter when her house burnt because it had snowed for once.
  • Chrismas at Finch's Landing

    Chrismas at Finch's Landing
    All of the family gets together every year at Finch's Landing for Christmas, and Scout has to deal with Francis and Aunt Alexandra.
  • U.S. off gold standard

    U.S. off gold standard
    U.S. comes off of the gold standard policy.
  • Banks are failing

    Banks are failing
    Banks start to fail and continue to. More than 11,000 of the nation’s 25,000 banks had closed
  • Many trials

    Many trials
    The Tom Robinson case (defended by Atticus) is one of many in the country.
  • Maycomb has nothing to fear

    Maycomb has nothing to fear
    Maycomb had recently been told it has "nothing to fear but fear itself" by Roosevelt in his first Inaugural Address.
  • $10,500,000,000 is asked for

    $10,500,000,000 is asked for
    Roosevelt asks Congress for $10,500,000,000 to advance recovery program.
  • Sweden recovers from the Great Depression

    Sweden recovers from the Great Depression
    Sweden is the first country to recover from the Gret Depression.
  • FDR's second term

    FDR's second term
    FDR was elected to a second term as president