2 ice


  • Captain James Cook

    Captain James Cook and his crew became the first men to cross the antarctic circle.
  • William Smith

    Englishman William Smith discoverd the first land south of the parallel 60 degrese south latitude.
  • Jhon Davis

    Jhon Davis became arguably the first person to land on the contient.
  • Jhon Weddell

    Jhon Weddell went the furthest into Antarctica, which is why the Weddell Sea bears his name
  • Scott and Shackleton

    Scott and Shackleton and three orther exploers attemped to walk to the soth pole and they were unsuccesful.
  • A British

    A British to the south pole was led by Scott and he got there second.
  • Scott

    Scott died on his way back to the ship
  • Shackleton

    On December 8 Shackleton's crew reaches the Weddell Sea.