Another Stellaris Campaign : Capitol History

  • Period: to

    The First Chaos

  • The Silence

    The Silence
    The Sangvi served the progenitors without question. Though their masters had gradually entrusted the day-to-day administration to the Capitol they still gave overall tasks to the Capitol as well as to workers directly.
    However the Progenitors just went... silent.
    At first nobody but the Capitol noticed anything and life went on.
    However on the 13th of Noember 2211 a leak from within the Capitol revealed tho the world the Silence of the Progenitors. Civila war erupted instantly.
  • The Capitol Aquires Orbital Command

    The Capitol Aquires Orbital Command
    One of the first tasks of the Capitol after the Silence was finding what happened to the progenitors. However as they had no presence planetside, only half a dozen vessels and an orbital command center in orbit.
    With the general chaos following the Silence, the Capitol as only able to enter the vessels at the end of 2219. The vessels were empty, no signs of their former occupants were seen. In fact there were no signs they were EVER occupied.
    Thus the Capitol aquired its first FTL vessels.
  • Unkown Vessels Found

    Unkown Vessels Found
    Right after various newspapers ironically mocked the idea that there is intelligent life still out there in the galaxy an unkown alien vessel was found.
  • Period: to

    Age of Piracy

  • Battle of AX-285

    Battle of AX-285
    Following an increase in piracy since 2212 the criminals became bolder and bolder, to the point that they descided to strike against the heart of Capitol Space, ight into the main Serrean fleet.
    The Battle of AX-285 is the first known major military space engagement. As such both sides had absolutly no idea what they were doing.
    Hence the battle wasn't descided on fleet tactics, quality of ship or even morale of sailors. It was descided by which Admiral managed to read the User-Manual faster.
  • State of the Galaxy

    State of the Galaxy
  • Space Parasitse

  • Extra-Galactic Tea Munition

  • The Crash

  • State of the Galaxy

    State of the Galaxy
  • Commonwealth Encountered

    ULGY ALIENS !!!!
  • The Great Bureaucratic Oversight of 2032

  • Period: to

    Yssravannar Agrression

    It appears Xenos do not appreciate being insulted.
    Good to know.
  • Battle of Argainra

    Battle of Argainra
    Why fight a fair battle when you can ambush isolated ships with yourr whole fleet and kill them all with no mercy ?
    There is a reason people hatte the Capitol : no combat manners.
  • State of the Galaxy

    State of the Galaxy
  • More Tea Arriving

  • Period: to

    The Second Chaos

    The Second Chaos was a period of great turmoil, though this time not due to people dissappearing.
    In fact there were too many people.
    And they are angry. So basically everybody descided to gang up on the Capitol and its Allies
  • First Battle of TA-990

    First Battle of TA-990
    Heavily outnumbered, somwhat outgunned and completly out of their depth the Capitol descided on a last ditch defence using one of their border stations.
    While the battle was lost the Commonwealth took significant casualties, to the pont that they were forced to retreat.
  • State of the Galaxy

    State of the Galaxy
  • Wantur Hnildir Dies of a Heart Attack

    Wantur Hnildir dies of a heart attack at the prospect of leading a real invasion.
    While watching his troops land on the encroaching colony known as Qwik Ypaccib, it dawned on him that "this is it, this isn't actually a desk job". His weak heart could not survive the revelation.
  • Mass Scienctist Deaths

    On the same day almost every single high-ranking Serrean Scientist died under different "natural" circumstances.
    Additionally the leaked papers of a finding by one of the dead of an unknown fleet of Progenitor design in Fallen-Empire space fueled an unprecedented spurr in conspiracy theories.
    Despite constant denial by the Capitol that anything was happening various underground groups formed to attempt to answer these questions. While banned, some did find refuge in the vassals of the Capitol.
  • State of the Galaxy

    State of the Galaxy
  • State of the Galaxy

    State of the Galaxy
  • Period: to

    The Xaplo Om-nom Nom

    Dai Zenten-Ku replenishes food supply/
    Their core worlds are reportedly covered in an inch-thick layer of roast Xaplo/
  • State of the Galaxy

  • Kristoff von Trotha Clones herself

    Kristoff von Trotha Clones herself
    Kristoff von Trotha was a brilliant scientist widely reknown for her contributions to exploring the galaxy. As matter of fact she somehow chartered enourmous swathes of intersellar space far fast than anyone else.
    Not only did Kristoff get jobs ligth-years apart but she also gave every signle researcher in the Capitol CentralResearch Complex a cute anime-esque clone. While productivity at first decreased this was rapidly fixed as it was discovered that cute anime girls with guns are motivating.
  • Period: to

    Crusade against Unknown Threat

    The Xenos, commonly referred to as Unknown Threat, had multiple times attempted to get their tentacles where they DEFINETLY don't belong, notably during the Second Chaos.
    Hence the Capitol declared a holy Crusade against the UT, the first time ever it has actually declared war.
    Unlike the Dai Zenten-Ku however, the Capitol doesn't like actually doing the fighting itself (or doing anything itself really). Hence the Capitol got the colonies and allied states do the actual fighting.
  • Capitol Energy Crisis Ends

    Capitol Energy Crisis Ends
    After 90 years of defying the laws of thermodynamics the Capitol finally managed to bring its net energy balance into the positives.
  • JE 120 Ambush

    JE 120 Ambush
    JE 120 Transport Fleet ambused by hidden defence station.