The Colour of Magic

  • Event One

    The first major event in the novel is the town of Ankh-Morpok, the place that Rincewind lived, and where Two-flower went to visit burned down. This was a direct result of partially Two-flower's actions, but also that of Death influencing and meddling with the actions of somebody who burned down an inn and thus set fire to the rest of the towm.
  • Event Two

    The second major event is that of Hrun, Twoflower, and Rincewind entering the temple of Bel-Shamharoth, the sender of Eight. They are thus stuck in this temple and cannot leave, especially when Hrun's sword says the word Eight. This summons Bel-Shamharoth
    who they try to fight off, and finally manage to take a picture with Twoflower's picture-box, blinding it and allowing them to escape.
  • Event Three Continued.

    This is an upside down mountain with people hanging from their feet, and Dragons created from pure imagination. They manage to escape their captors in the Wyrmburg, with a little help from lady luck, and let Hrun live the rest of his life as a King.
  • Event Three

    The third and final event is one near to the middle of the book. This happens after Hrun, Rincewind, and Twoflower manage to escape the temple, and start traveling the continent. On their travels they encounter a particularly dense magical field, which is near to the Wyrmburg. (Made into two parts because of character limit.)