Annie Smith Peck

Timeline created by ca21196
  • Annie is born

    Annie was born in her home town Rhode Island
  • Teacher Annie

    Teacher Annie
    Annie was a teacher for about 2 years before she was a climber. she tauht Latin in Purdue university and Smith college. she studied in Germany and Greece. She held a advanced masters degree.
  • Climbing Time

    In 1880 Annie was in Greece studing liteature. She saw the Grate Matterhorn as soon as she saw the 14,692 foot mountain it woke up the climber inside her.
  • matterhorn

    annie set a goal that she would climb the matterhorn. and in 1895 annie got her chanes to. she whent up with a few swiss gides.
  • Gets Credit

    Annie gets credit for being the 1 woman to climb the Matterhorn but not the 1s to sumit it.
  • Mexicos Mount Orizaba

    Mexicos Mount Orizaba
    Annie was prowd of climbing the Matterhorn but just because she acheveed her goal dose not mean she would stop climbing. So she tryed to climb Mount Orizaba. She mad it to the top.
  • Mount Huascaran

    Mount Huascaran
    Her Last goal was to summit huascaran. she died at the age of 82.
  • A Sad Goodbye

    A Sad Goodbye
    Annie died because of old age.