• Space age

    Space age
    The Space age began when the Soviot Union launched Sputnik, the first artificail satilite, into orbit.
  • Probes

    The US sent out many probes, 1 Came very close to the moon while the other hit it.
  • THe First

    THe First
    The SU sent the First ever piolated space craft to space. Titled Vostock piolated by Yuri A. Gagaril.
  • Venus

    A US probe flew past Venus.
  • Apollo 8

    Apollo 8
    We launched Apollo 8, the US' first poilited shuttle, to the moon, wich orbited the moon 10 times then came back.
  • Apollo 11

    Apollo 11
    Armstrong and Aldrin landed Apollo 11 luner module on the moon.
  • End of Apollo

    End of Apollo
    The apollo program ended, after 5 more landings on the moon.
  • Callenger

    The callenger fell apart in space killing all five of its passengers.
  • Period: to

    366 days

    Two Soviot Union asstronauts lived in space for 366 consecutive days.
  • Columbia Disaster

    Columbia Disaster
    THe Columbia broke comming back into the atmostphere, also killing all 7 of its passengers.