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animation History

  • flipbooks

    The first Flip Book animation appeared in September 1868 and it was patented by John Barnes Linnett, he patented it under the name kineograph.
  • mickey mouse

    mickey mouse
    Mickey Mouse was introduced and voiced by Walt Disney in 1928 after he lost his character Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Mickey's first debut was in Plane Crazy. The first Mickey cartoon with sound was Steamboat Willie.
  • tom and jerry

    tom and jerry
    Tom and Jerry were first introduced in 1931 by Van Beuren in a short film called Wot a Night, lasting 8 minutes and 19 seconds. The series only lasted 2 years. In 1940 Joseph Barbera and William Hanna re-created the series using a cat and a mouse
  • looney tunes

    looney tunes
    What: Looney Tunes changes the face of cartoons 2) Who: Tex Avery, Chuck Jones, Friz Freling and Robert McKimson 3) Where: Warner Brothers Studios 4) Why: Largest collection of animated stars any studio had ever created and a different kind of animators' inventiveness went into the Looney Toons 5) To see a short clip
  • snow white and the seven dwarfs

    snow white and the seven dwarfs
    Disneys first fully animated film. it took 3 years to make the was rereleased 7 times.
  • toy story

    toy story
    Toy Story was released in 1995 by Disney/Pixar. It was the first Disney/Pixar film made, as well as the first feature film made entirely with CGI (computer-generated imagery) basically meaning, it was made 100% on the computer.