Animals in space 09

Animals Space Timeline

  • First Animal in space

    First Animal in space
    The first animals ever sent into space were fruit flies aboard a U.S.-launched V-2 rocket.
  • Albert

    A V-2 Blossom launched into space from White Sands, New Mexico carrying Albert I, a rhesus monkey.
  • Monkeys

    A V-2 launched carrying a live labrotory monkey Albert the 2nd. Albert attained an altittude of 83 miles but died on impact.
  • Collecting Data

    The soviets needed to gather data to design a cabin to carry a human into space. They chose small dogs for this part of testing. Dogs were chosen over monkeys because it was felt that they would be less fidgety in flight.
  • Canine Astronauts

    Canine Astronauts
    Dezik and Tsygan ("Gypsy") were launched. They were the first canine suborbital astronauts.
  • Canine Sucess

    Canine Sucess
    The sixth of the two-dog launches occurred. The two dogs reached 100 kilometers and returned successfully.
  • Yorick

    A monkey named Yorick and 11 mice were recovered after an Aerobee missile flight of 236,000 feet at Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico. Yorick got a fair amount of press as the first monkey to live through a space flight.
  • Sucess

    Two Philippine monkeys, Patricia and Mike, were enclosed in an Aerobee nose section at Holloman Air Force Base. Patricia was in a seated position and Mike in a prone position to figure out the differences in the effects of rapid acceleration. Fired 36 miles up at a speed of 2000 mph, the two monkeys were the first primates to reach such a high altitude.
  • The Sputnik 2

    The Sputnik 2
    Sputnik 2 blasted into Earth orbit with a dog named Laika aboard. She was hastily trained and put aboard in a metal carrier under the second Sputnik sphere
  • Mice get lost

    Mice get lost
    Fourteen mice were lost when the Jupiter rocket they were aboard was destroyed after launch from Cape Canaveral.