Animal Farm timeline

By RandySt
  • Jones gets drunk

    When Jones goes out and gets drunk he forgets to feed the animals on his farm.
  • Old Major has a dream

    Old Major has a dream about animals running the Earth and remembers the song Beasts of England from his childhood.
  • Old Major Speaks

    Old Major speaks out to the animals on the farm about a revolution and gets the animals riled up.
  • Old Major Dies

    Old major die in his sleep peacefully
  • Animals Plan To Revolt

    Over the winter the animals plan their revolution
  • Jones gets drunk again

    When it comes time to hay the fields Jones goes out to The Red Lion and gets drunk
  • Animals revolt

    Cow breaks into store shed and gets caught by Jones, then the animals revolted and took over the farm
  • Animals are not fed

    Animals are not fed due to the humans being away from the farm
  • Animals get rid of lots of items

    Animals get rid of everything that reminded them of Jones
  • Snowball becomes leader

    Snowball appoints himself to be leader because he says he is the smartest
  • Animals make seven commandments

    Animals make the seven commandments which all animals should go by
  • Animals decide what to do with food and milk

    The animals decide what to do with the milk from the cows and the rest of the food like the hay and corn
  • Animals do the hay

    The Animals hay the fields faster than the humans ever did
  • Snowball comes up with commities

    Snowball came up with about seven commities and most of them fail
  • The idea of animalism comes in

    The idea of animalism is thought of and set as a rule. Animalism is the idea of anything on two legs is bad and anything on four legs of with wings are all equal and good
  • Pigs take apples and milk

    Pigs take apples and milk for themselves to make sure they can perform their duties
  • Animals learn about the other two farms

    The animals learn about the Pinchfield and Foxwood Farms
  • animals learn alphabet

    The pigs and Benjamin and Murial learn the alphabet
  • Animals are literate

    By Autumn all the animals were literate in some degree
  • News about animal farm is out

    the news about animal farm has spread across half the county
  • Battle of cowshed

    Farmers try to take animal farm back and lose
  • Awards are created and given

    Snowball, Boxer, and the sheep that died in the battle all got awards
  • Mollie gets more troublesome

    Mollie gets more troublesome and is late for work every day
  • Mollie dissapears

    Mollie dissapeared and was seen with a new owner
  • Snowball comes up with the idea to build a windmill

  • Snowball is chased off

    Snowball is chased of the farm by Napolean's nine dogs
  • Napolean becomes leader

    After Snowball is run off Napolean assumes the position of leader of animal farm
  • Napolean decides to make windmill

    Napolean tells everyone on the farm that Snowball had stolen the idea of the windmill from him and he plans to make it
  • Napolean makes work for animals on sunday afternoons

    Napolean announces that there will be work on suday afternoons
  • Animals start making windmill

    The animals started making the windmill with the limestone found in a quarry on the farm
  • Animal Farm was to trade with it's neighboring farms

    Animal Farm was to trade with it's neighboring farms to get supplies they did'nt have
  • Mr. Whymper aggrees to help the animal farm trade with the outside world

  • Eggs would be sold to make up for money loss if needed

  • Pigs move into the farmhouse

    The pigs move into the farmhouse and sleep in the beds
  • Windmill is knocked down by a tree

    Windmill is knocked down by a tree and Snowball is blamed
  • Animals start rebuilding windmill

    After the windmill gets knocked down the animals rebuild it
  • Windmill is finished and called napolean mill

  • Their pile of timber was sold to Frederick

  • Animal Farm receives fake money

  • Animals get revenge for the windmill

    Tyhe animals killed and ran off the farmers for blowing up the windmill
  • Frederick attacks the windmill

    Frederick Blows up the windmiill
  • The windmill is started again

  • Piglets are born

    The four female pigs had thirty-one piglets between them
  • Boxer gets injured and is sent to the glue factory

  • Napolean carries whip and walks on two legs

  • Pigs meet with farmers and renames the farm the Manor Farm