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Animal Farm

  • Milk Mystery

    Milk Mystery
    The milk that has been freshly harvested from the cows has mysteriously gone missing, as the animals were distracted and away from the scene. Did greed whisper loudly enough in some humanlike ear?
  • First Harvest

    First Harvest
    First harvest begins and is more efficient and quicker than before when the humans were in power, as the horses' knowledge of the field is extensive and the pigs' ability to work things out leads to them directing and supervising everyone else without actually doing any manual labor. Does this have anything to do with humans letting others do the work?
  • Introduction of Ceremonies on Sundays

    Introduction of Ceremonies on Sundays
    New ceremonies introduced on Sundays. Along with the hoisting of the flag, any conflicts, resolutions, or decisions are decided by vote. though all the animals know how to vote, none but the pigs can seem to think of any resolutions. Is leaving choices up to the pigs a good idea or an opprotunity for them to exploit potential selfishness, a particularly human trait?
  • Four Legs GOOD Two Legs BAD

    Four Legs GOOD Two Legs BAD
    Snowball decided that since some of the animals could not remember all 7 of the commandments they would make a shorter one that was simpler for all the animals to remember, particularly the sheep. The result was the general rule, 'four legs good, two legs bad.' Because man was the enemy and walked on two legs, two legs is bad. Since the brotherhood of animals all walked on/were propelled by four legs, four legs is good. Could their stupidity be used against them?
  • Education of the Young

    Education of the Young
    Napoleon makes himself responsible for the education of Bluebell's and Jessie's puppies. Eventually they are so secluded that they become forgotten. Another opprotunity for the pigs to gain power?
  • Brainwork

    The mystery of the milk has been cleared up. The pigs mix it every day into their mash. The crop of apples has been reserved for them too. When confronted about it, Squealer insists that their brainwork or mental labor is what the organization of the farm depends on, and far outways the manual labor done by the others on the farm, requiring the pigs to keep up their strength. Because, of course, if they don't...Jones will come back. Is this humanlike manipulation?
  • Military Decorations

    Military Decorations
    The decorations "Animal Hero, First Class" and "Animal Hero, Second Class" are created after the Battle of the Cowshed and bestowed upon Snowball, Boxer, and the dead sheep. Is this a sign of humanlike qualities as far as material attachment?
  • No More Meetings

    No More Meetings
    Napoleon has banned future meetings, as they are "unnecessary." Decisions will now be made by a special commite of pigs, ruled by Napoleon himself. Is this a display of man's desire to rule?
  • Attack of the Dogs

    Attack of the Dogs
    The location of the dogs has finally been revealed. Apparently Napoleon has been raising them in secret, training tham for this moment; the moment he overthrows Snowball as the head pig. Snowball has been chased out. What will this mean for life at the farm and does this display man's insatiable thirst for power?
  • Execution

    Anyone who confesses to be in league with Snowball instantly has their throat torn out by the dogs. Is this a sign of humanlike qualities and willingness to dispose of others?
  • Successful Trade With Pinchfield

    Successful Trade With Pinchfield
    The pile of timber is finally sold to Frederick. Are the animals/pigs under Napoleon's rule becomng more human?
  • Squealer's Manipulating of the Seven Commandments

    Squealer's Manipulating of the Seven Commandments
    Squealer is found to have manipulated the Seven Commandments. Are the pigs willing to do anything to continue driving the animals in a slavelike way and are the pigs becoming more human in this manner?
  • Boxer's Death

    Boxer's Death
    Boxer was injured during his work at the quarry. Napoleon claims he died during expensive hospital procedures, but he was carried away in a cart that belonged to the knacker. Unfortunately, Squealer and the dogs covered it all up, leaving Boxer's murder due to his uselessness forgotten. The pigs have now become greedy and heartlessness enough to become like Jones in that they only care about product and results.
  • Pigs Begin to Walk on Two Legs

    Pigs Begin to Walk on Two Legs
    The pigs have begun to walk on two legs. Not only that, but the next morning they dress in human clothes and carry whips in their trotters. Is this the end of the very principles the Seven Commandments were built on and is this one of many things the Commandments were built to prevent?
  • The Dinner

    The Dinner
    At last we reach the culmination of the book. After years of being brainwashed and manipulated, the animals peek in one night to see the pigs and humans celebrating Napoleon 's methods of decieving the animals. At last it appears that he has been working with the humans the whole time and is not the brave, fearless, noble leader they had imagined for they had been decieved time and time again. The pigs have now become so much like humans that the difference between the two is unnoticable.