Animal Farm

By pgm107
  • Major gives his speech

    Major, the prize boar, speaks to the animals about the treachery of man and gives them the idea for a revolution.
  • The Revolution

    The animals fight back against Mr. Jones and his men, and successfully drive the humans out of the farm.
  • The Seven Commandments

    The seven commandments of Animalism are written on the side of the big barn.
  • Battle of the Cowshed

    Jones and his men break into Animal Farm and try to reclaim it, but don't succeed. Snowball is awarded Animal Hero, First Class for leading the animals into battle.
  • The pigs are accepted as the leaders

    The animals accept the pigs as the leaders, because the pigs say they are the smartest.
  • Snowball is driven out

    Napoleon uses his dogs to drive Snowball out of Animal Farm and declares him an enemy.
  • The pigs move into the farm house

    The pigs move into the farm house, even though it was meant to be a museum and never lived in.
  • The windmill is destroyed

    The windmill is destroyed by a storm, but Snowball is blamed for the damage.
  • Food shortages begin

    The rations for all the animals are cut except the pigs and dogs.
  • The rebuilding of the windmill commences

    Napoleon makes the animal start to rebuild the windmill.
  • The traitors are executed

    Many of the animals confess to betraying Animal Farm and are executed by the dogs.
  • Beasts of England is outlawed

    Squealer tells the other animals that Beasts of England is no longer needed, as it was the song of the Rebellion and the Rebellion is over.
  • Battle of the Windmill

    Pilkington attacks the farm and blows up the windmill. The animals manage to fight him and his men off before they find the deeds to the farm.
  • Boxer is sent to the slaughterhouse

    Boxer collapses while working, but instead of being sent to the veterinarian like the pigs promise, he is sent to the slaughterhouse.
  • The pigs have dinner with the humans

    The pigs have dinner with the surrounding farmers and become indistinguishable from the humans.