Animal Farm

  • Old Major's Speech

    Old Major gives a speech that no animal would forget for as long as they live. He tells them that the farmer, Mr. Jones, is treating them all unfairly and that they need no more of him. They need to get rid of him mmediatly. Old Major teaches them the rebelling song, Beasts of England
  • Od Major's Death

    Old Major, the well respected old boar, time has finally come. His spirit still ives on throughout the farm.
  • The Uprising of the Animals

    The Animals decide what Old Major said, was right indeed. They needed to rebel. They had only one choice but to kick the farmer off of the farm. The animals all fight against the men that have came back to take over, but can't. the animals are too smarta nad too strong for them. The animals make sure that the men dont come back.
  • The Animals Create an Republic With the 7 Commandments

    The animals decide that they need someone in charge to run the farm. The pigs convience the otheres that they shoud be in charge due to their knowlege. They have total power now over all of the animals because they convienced the animals that pigs are the smartest and deserve to rule.
  • The Animals Establish the Ruling Order

    The animals all have been working for themselves in order
    to harvest food and survive the winter. the animals are working harder now than they ever had because thay are working for themselves and not the humans.
  • Boxer's Strength Encourages Allof the Animals toWork Harder

    Boxer has been constantly working as hard as he can for days. He is determined that the harder he works, the better the farm and the animals will be. He has had the rooster wake him up everyday a half hour earlier than the rest of the animals so he can get to work sooner. Boxer's sayings are, "Napolean is always right!" and "I will work harder!"
  • The Building of The Windmill

    It was noe dead of winter and the animals have all been working as slaves to stay alive and salvage enough food to keep everyone happy. The animals have all been gathering stone for the creation of the windmill. Obiously Boxer has been working and gathering the most with his solid muscle and thinks nothing of it. He sticks to his motto.
  • The Animals Start to Become Suspicious

    When the pigs start to act more strangley, the animals aren't so happy anymore. They seem to think that the pigs are changing rules and are being unfair, but then Squealer comes back to tell them that everyone thats everything is ok and then they become settle again.
  • The Windmill Falls

    One night, the animals are all sturred up and worried about somthing strange. After a terrible windstorm, the animals look around the farm and find out that their prized windmill had fallen during the night. The animals dreams had been crushed, and who else to expect buut Snowball.
  • The Rebuilding of the windmill

    After the animals built their windmill, it mysteriously was crushed and destroyed. They need to get the windmill finished as soon as possible. As usual, Boxer works before the crack of dawn until the sun goes down. All Boxers wants is to have the work done and ready. Boxer is the hardest workin' animal out there.
  • Boxer's 1st njury

    Boxer worked like a slaver over and over and over again, until the unthinkable happened. Whild Boxer was working hard gathering stone for the windmill, he had split his hoof bad. Boxer was out of labor for a while healing. While he was out, the others golt little done due to the fact they didn't have the muscles to help them.
  • Boxer's 2nd Injury

    After Boxer's hoof was heald and hes was back up and working for the farm, Boxer was working like a mule again. As usual, Boxer worked earlier, later, quicker, stronger, sooner, and once again, became the most valueable animal there. Until one day, Boxer was all alone and working harder than ever, pulling a cart load of rocks, until they rolled over him, crushing his lungs and ribs. Pinning him to the ground, keeping him parlized.
  • The Animals Dreams are Crushed

    After Boxer is out of commition, the pigs had no need for him anymore. They sold him to the other farm, and as all the animals tryed to save him from being taken away, they were helpless wwithout his insane power to help. with that, years past and alot of the animals had died, and Boxer of them all was forgotton.
  • Animal Farm Was Finally Taken Over After All

    After the animals had nothing left to live for, they decided to give up. Napoleon still ran the farm and was now friends with the farmers who were plotting this the whole time. The animals were finally going to Sugarcandy Mountain, or maby hell.