And Then There Were None Timeline

  • Arrival

    Everyone arrives at the island. Anthony Marston and Dr.Armstrong drive to the island. Mrs.Rogers and Mr.Rogers already arrived on the island before the other eight guests. General Macarthur takes a slower train than the others. Emily Brent, Phillip Lombard, Vera Claythorne, and General Wargrave all take the same train to the island. Detective Blore takes a completely different train than the others so he can get ready for his investigation.
  • Arrival (continued)

    Arrival (continued)
    Vera, Emily, Lombard, Marston, Marcarthur, Davis (Blore), and Wargrave arrive first. Dr.Armstrong arrives at teh island late.
  • Anthony Marston's Death

    Anthony Marston's Death
    Anthony Marston died from drinking cyanide. The murderer slipped cyanide in his drink when he wasn't looking. Marston died right after the other guest decided to leave on the ferry on August 8, in the evening.
  • Mrs.Rogers' Death

    Mrs.Rogers' Death
    Mrs.Rogers was killed by an overdose of sleeping medicine. Mr.Rogers unknowingly gave it to her. She died in the middle of the night on August 8.
  • Period: to

    A.T.T.W.N Timespan

  • Island Sweep

    Island Sweep
    Lombard, Blore, and Armstrong go out to search the island for clues of another person. Blore and Armstrong find out that Lombard is carrying a revolver. They question him about it. As they search the island they come across Macarthur who looks dazed and scared. They decide to leave him. The men come to some cliffs that they wanna search for caves.
  • Island Sweep (continued)

    Island Sweep (continued)
    After Blore finds a rope and returns to find only Armstrong. Lombard returns after having one to check a theory. While Armstrong and Blore hold the rope, Lombord looks for caves by the cliff and finds none. The three men then return to the house to search for their host. While searching they hear someone in Mrs.Rogers room. It turns out to be Mr.Rogers collecting his stuff so he can switch rooms.
  • The Lunch Court

    Blore, Lombard, and Armstrong become disputateous. Blore thinks that Armstong gave Mrs.Rogers and overdose on pupose. Blore demands to know why Lombard carries a gun. Lombard explains that he was hired and his employer otld him to bring it. Then the lunch bell rings. Armstrong goes to look for Macarthur. Armstrong then comes back saying that Macarthur is dead. Everyone except for Rogers gathers in the drawing room. They have a court style meeting.
  • Marcarthur's Death

    Marcarthur's Death
    Macarthur dies from a blow to the back of the head by a life preserver. He died around lunchtime on August 9.