Ancient Rome

  • 146

    Romans conquer Greece

    BC The Romans destroyed the city Corlnth and made Greece into a province.
  • 206

    Romans conquered Spain

    BC Romans came to Spain to fight the Carthaginians for control of the area.
  • 410

    Roman troops withdraw from Britain

    AD The Roman armies were needed back home to defend the Empire.
  • 476

    End of Roman Empire

    AD Romulus Augustus was the last Roman Emperor.
  • Jan 1, 753

    Founding of the city of Rome

    BC Some say twins Romulus and Remus fought each other for the right to found a capital city and Romulus won by killing his brother.
  • Julius Caesar's first invasion of Britan

    BC This was the first of two invasions.
  • Birth of Jesus Christ

    BC The BC and AD calendar was not created untill many centuries after the birth of Christ and there was a miscalclation when making it.
  • Beggining of the Roman Empire

    BC The appointment of Augustus Caesar as a ruler in 27 BC has been used as the starting date for the Roman Empire.
  • Conquest of Britain begins

    AD The Roman army conqured and took control of new countries, they became part of the empire and were known as provinces.
  • Julius Caeser was Assassinated

    BC A group of senators surrounded Caesar and stabbed him to death because had too much power.
  • Julius Caesar was born

    BC Julius Caesar became a great soilder and helped take over land for the Roman Empire.
  • Romans defeated the Etruscans

    BC After they were defeatd, the Etruscans were expelled from the city and Rome became a republic.
  • Christianity becomes the state religion of Rome

    AD During the next 100 years , Catholics were the only people recognised as Christians.
  • Hadrian's Wall was completed

    AD In 122AD the Emperor Hadrian ordered a wall to be built to separate the Roman province from the rest of Britian, it took 8 years to build.