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Analysing 'Afrojack ft Steve Aoki - No Beef'

  • Car

    Both main characters are in the car wearing casual cothing. Perhaps this kind of clothing could be used to go out partying as it is a dance song. Inside the car, it is dark. However, it can se seen through the window that it is like morning time, which tell us that maybe, they just came out of a party or going to one.
  • Video Recording scene

    Video Recording scene
    In here, both characters are covered in green clothing because it looks as if they are about to record their own animatied video within this music video. The background is also green which suggests that they are inside a filming studio. These costumes perhaps link to the song as it is something crazy or bizarre perhaps. Looking at props, one of the characters has a big yellow mexican hat whereas the other one has shades. These are repeated throughout the video.
  • Casino Scene

    Casino Scene
    In here we can see that one of the characters wear a casual shirt as well as those next to him.
    This scene is perhaps located in a casino as we can see props like money, tokens and cards piled up in the middle of the table.
    Again, these could relate to the crazy upbeat song.
  • Shop scene

    Shop scene
    In this sence, we can see the characters wearing casual clothes such as t-shirt, shorts and jeans.
    They appear to be in a clothes store where it is very messy and they are playing around with the clothes, as one of them has like a shirt on his head. It may link to the song because is messy and unexpected.
  • Car again

    Car again
    This time they are in the car again, however, they are wearing really party/outgoing clothing which could relate to the song as it is very up beat.
    Props such as big hats with a flag and also the drinking tube have been used in order to suggest party and craziness.
  • Street scene

    Street scene
    They appear no be wearing casual clothing again. One of them is wearing 'beach' shorts which tell us that it may be hot. Poeple around them seem to be wearin similar clothes.
    They are in a long street with bright lights which could suggest the party atmosphere in relation to the song.
    Lighting matches are used as props as well as the hats still being worn.
  • Club scene

    Club scene
    In this scene one of the main characters appears to be wearing a simple shirt with white jeans. It links with the location because as it is a club, one has to dress a bit more classy/better.
    The scene is set in a big club, with bright lights and a lot of people. It relates to the song because it is a dance song and we hear a lot of these genre in clubs.
    The dj table or the headphones could have both been props used in relation to the party atcmosphere the song make us visualise.