America's entry into WW2

By gsferra
  • World War One ends

  • League of Nations founded

  • Signing of Treaty of Versialles

  • Hitler becomes leader of Nazi party

  • Kellogg-Briand Pact

  • appeasement at munich

  • Black Thursday

  • Hitler appointed Chancellor

  • FDR's Inauguration

    The inaugauration, during the fourth consecutive year of epic economic depressionm, on a cold, and gloomy/ gray day, one of the most famous presidents ever was sworn in. "had othing to ear but fear itself"
  • Germany quits league of nations

  • Neutrality act of 1935

  • Neutrality Act of 1936

  • German Troops occupy Rhineland

  • Neutrality act of 1937

  • Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact

  • Germany invades Poland

  • Declared war on Germany

  • Cash & Carry

  • Neutrality Act of 1939

  • Germany takes Western Europe

  • France signs armistance with nazis

  • Battle of Britain

  • US Peacetime Draft Bill

  • Lend-Lease Act

  • Germany invades Russia

  • Atlantic Charter

    Stated the goals each country had for the war
  • Destroyers for Bases Deal

  • Pearl Harbor

  • FDR asks for war on Japan

  • Germany/Italy declare war

  • United Nations signed with 26 nations

  • Allies attack Germans in North Africa

  • Allies invade Sicily

    after germans surrender at tunisia
  • D-Day

  • V-E Day