Americans Moving West

  • Cowboys

    1880s Cowboys
    • The reason for the cattle trade to begin was the start of the civil war which increased the demand for beef
    • Beef prices in the north east were about 10x as much as they were in the south
    • Cattle were available to anyone who could herd them together
    • Cowboys would drive sometimes thousands of heads of cattle at a time from the west to the east for profit
    • Cow boys would have to keep the cattle healthy and protect them along the way
    • They would have to protect themselves from
  • Sundance Outlawed

    Sundance outlawed
    • The sun dance is a native American religious ceremony that is practiced once a year that usually lasts 4 to 8 days
    • The dance is symbolic of their religion and represents that all of nature is together and dependent on each other
    • Portions of this dance were outlawed which the natives felt to be oppressive of their religion
    • This forced the natives to complete the dance in private or to do it differently than the traditional way
  • Dawes Severalty Act

  • Oklahoma Land Run

  • Wovoka Gohost Dance outlawed

  • Murder of Sitting Bull

  • Wounded Knee Masacre