American Revolution Battles, Zach Philbin 5b

Timeline created by Zach Philbin
  • Lexington and Concord

    Lexington and Concord
    April 19, 1775
    Colonel Smith was the commanding officer
    Barrett lead the militia
  • Bunker (Breeds) Hill

    Bunker (Breeds) Hill
    William Howe was the commanding officer for the British
    Artemas Ward was the leader of the militia
    This battle was good for the Americans because even though they loss they still got a big confidence boost from it.
  • Trenton/Princeton (NJ campaign)

    Trenton/Princeton (NJ campaign)
    General Charles Cornwallis was the general for British
    General James Ewing took charge of the militia.
    Important because it was Washingtons first win in a battle.
  • Fort Ticonderoga

    Fort Ticonderoga
    Major General John Burgoyne commanded the British and Major General Arthur St Clair commanded the American troops.
    Militia was known as the Green Mountain Boys.
    Important because it was the first American victory of the Revolutionary War.
  • Saratoga (Bemis heights, the second battle)

    Saratoga (Bemis heights, the second battle)
    Benedict Arnold and John Burgoyne were the commanders for this war.
    Stephen Adams led the militia.
    Really big turning point during the revolutionary war.
  • Siege of Charleston

    Siege of Charleston
    British commander was Henry Clinton.
    It was one of the most important wars ever in the Revolutionary War.
  • Kings Mountain

    Kings Mountain
    William Campbell was the commander.
    Important victory for the patriot militia.
  • Yorktown

    Cornwallis was the British commander and Washington was the American commander.
    Patriots vs Loyalists
    Americans won independence